Bruna Rangel Lima Shows Off Her Curvy Derriere & Teases ‘Wine Or Die’

Bruna Rangel Lima takes a selfie
Bruna Rangel Lima / Instagram

A new Instagram post from Bruna Rangel Lima on Friday caused a stir among her 4.1 million followers. The model was visiting a vineyard and both her stunning figure and her setting looked phenomenal.

The geotag of the post signaled that the Brazilian native was visiting the wine country in Napa Valley, California. She was photographed holding a glass with a small amount of red wine in it with the landscape of the vineyard behind her.

The sky was clear and blue, and mountains could be seen off in the distance. Bruna posed at a spot that was above the rows of the grapevines, and she looked completely content at this moment.

The photograph was taken from behind Bruna, and she turned her head to look over her shoulder and toward the camera. She had a smile on her face and her brunette tresses were styled with a center part. The long locks were swept over her shoulder on the side away from the camera.

Bruna noted that she chose a pair of Fashion Nova jeans to wear for the occasion. The high-waisted, light wash jeans perfectly accentuated Bruna’s slim waist. The denim stretched over her peachy booty and highlighted her hourglass curves.

A peach-colored knit sweater hugged Bruna’s busty assets and a cutout exposed her back. A unique twist of the knit fabric added a hint of intrigue in the back, and the ensemble looked perfect for a day at the vineyard.

“U have a beautiful smile,” one fan praised.

“You are so precious,” another wrote.

“Bruna you’re perfect,” a follower noted.

“Now thissssss is my type of Bruna,” someone else raved.

In less than an hour, about 13,500 likes and 150 comments came in from fans who were anxious to show their appreciation for this new snapshot. Many people were so smitten by this alluring look that they relied on fire, peach, and heart emoji to express their admiration.

The day before this tantalizing display in Napa Valley, the fitness model shared a workout video with her followers. She revealed significantly more skin in that clip, wearing tiny shorts instead of what could be seen in this latest snap.

Despite Bruna’s somewhat more subdued ensemble, this post seemed to be generating a lot of heat. The workout Instagram clip received just over 17,500 likes over about two days. In comparison, in just one hour, this denim and sweater combination already seemed to be on the verge of eclipsing it.

Bruna’s fans seemed to love this version of the 24-year-old Brazilian beauty. In this case, perhaps less was more, and people adored everything from the romantic setting to her sweet smile to her knockout curves.