Halle Berry, 54, Squats Down In Skintight Leggings & Reveals What ‘Saved The Butt’

Halle revealed how she's been working out during quarantine in Montreal.

Halle Berry attends the "John Wick: Chapter 3" world premiere
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Halle revealed how she's been working out during quarantine in Montreal.

Halle Berry divulged her secret to not losing her glute gains during quarantine. On Friday, the Die Another Day actress took to Instagram to reveal that resistance bands have helped her stay fit and maintain her fantastic figure while she doesn’t have access to much workout equipment.

Halle, 54, informed her fans that she’s currently in Montreal, Canada, where she’ll soon begin shooting the sci-fi epic Moonfall. According to Deadline, the disaster movie is centered on a heroic crew that attempts to save the Earth from colliding with the moon after a “mysterious force” knocks the celestial satellite off its orbit.

Like many of the Hollywood stars who have been traveling for work during the coronavirus pandemic, Halle had to quarantine before she could begin filming her scenes. However, she hasn’t been spending all her free time relaxing at her hotel. According to the fitness enthusiast, she hasn’t stopped being active, and she’s discovered a way to keep her buns of steel toned and strong.

Halle divulged that she’s been exercising with a “booty band” from Re-Spin, her line of workout gear. She credited the stretchy loop for saving her butt and urged her followers to check out her Instagram stories for demonstrations of the effective, glute-blasting moves that can be performed with the super portable piece of equipment. Those videos can be viewed here for a limited time.

In her stories, she identified one of the moves as an “iso squat hold & dual press.” It required remaining in the squat position while moving the arms. She placed one of her bands around the backs of her hands and pulled them apart to create resistance. She raised her arms up over her head, brought her hands back down to her chest, and pressed them forward in front of her. She then repeated the sequence.

Halle’s post included a sweaty snapshot of herself and her personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, performing this exercise. Halle and Peter were photographed with their hands up over their heads. Halle rocked a pair of bright blue leggings that fit her powerful legs like a second skin. She also wore a matching sports bra and a tied-up brown tank top with large arm openings. Her golden brunette hair was pulled back in a low chignon, and thick curtain bangs framed her face and forehead. She and her workout partner were sweating it out inside a large space with exposed brick walls.

The other move that they demonstrated in her stories was the “band curtsy lunge.” They wore their bands around their thighs for this exercise. It involved crossing one leg back behind the other, lunging down, and returning to the standing position before switching sides. Halle advised her followers to perform two sets of 25 reps of both exercises.