Cosplay Model Meg Turney Turns Heads In Very Revealing Thong Lingerie As She Drinks 'Blue Milk'

Meg Turney surely turned a lot of heads on Friday, October 23, with her latest Instagram share. The cosplay model uploaded a sweltering new photo where she wore a minuscule thong as she enjoyed a glass of "blue milk."

Turney was photographed indoors with her back turned to the camera, making her round booty the focus of the photo. She stood in front of a green velvet couch while placing one foot on it. The photographer shot her from a three-quarter angle, framing most of her body.

She turned her head to the left as she smiled at the camera. Turney rested one hand on her thigh as she raised the glass containing the blue milk -- a blue-colored liquid produced by a female bantha in the Star Wars saga.

Turney sported a pair of black lingerie bottoms that did a lot more showing than covering as the thong back exposed her bodacious glutes. On her torso, she had on a matching knitted sweater.

Turney completed her ensemble with a black wig styled in soft curls and two top buns on either side of her head.

In the caption, Turney noted that blue milk is good for the body. She credited Austin-based photographer Wes Ellis for the picture. One of the hashtags indicated her outfit was inspired by the character Han Solo.

The post didn't need much time to capture the attention of her followers. In under an hour, it got more than 11,300 likes and over 50 comments. Her fans wasted no time in sharing their reaction to the picture, commenting on her ravishing body and booty while also engaging with her caption.

"Wow, that's a nice shot, but you usually take good photos," one user chimed in.

"What a full moon," replied another admirer, leaving a string of side-eyes.

"I could comment and gush about the derrière... but that smile tho!" noted another fan.

"And does good to your [peach]," raved a fourth person, using a series of emoji in place of the word.

Turney is well known for her Instagram posts that combine cosplays with a whole lot of sex appeal. As previously noted by The Inquisitr, she recently shared an image in which she posed as a sexy Japanese schoolgirl. She rocked a completely see-through top with short sleeves and a large light pink bow. To censor the photo, she covered her breasts with heart-shaped pasties. For the snap, she lifted up her skirt in a teasing manner as she smiled widely.