GoOats Looks To Build On Attention Of ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance, Expand Product Offerings

The owner of GoOats presents on Shark Tank.
Christopher Willard / ABC

GoOats is looking to grow after appearing on Shark Tank.

The company, which makes a number of oatmeal-based snacks meant to be eaten on the go, was featured on the October 23 episode of the ABC reality show. While it wasn’t clear ahead of the episode’s airing if they were able to secure the investment needed to grow operations, GoOats appears to already be in the midst of expanding.

As Cinemaholic noted, founder Nahum Jeannot wrote on the company’s website that he is looking for ideas of new flavors to expand the product line.

The report added that Jeannot came upon the product while working as the head chef at a hotel and realized that he needed another finger food to celebrate a grand opening ceremony. He was trying to think of a way to use his mother’s favorite oat recipe and ultimately came up with the product that would become GoOats.

“Inspired by that, he turned the awkward and messy oatmeal into hand-held bites. Their rousing success prompted him to create more and eventually become the founder and COO (Chief Oatmeal Officer) of GoOats Oatmeal Bites,” the publication continued, addin that he started by leasing a food-preparation space in Virginia close to where he grew up while working on the right recipe and branding for the bites.

A presentation of GoOats on Shark Tank.
  Christopher Willard / Getty Images

Jeannot has yet to announce which flavors he would add to the current options, which include apple cinnamon, blueberry, cranberry-walnut, and maple brown sugar.

In a release put out on PressWire ahead of the Shark Tank episode’s airing, the founder explained that he believes the business has a chance to grow even more if they could only get more attention around it.

“After our very successful soft-launch in 2017, I knew we had finally perfected GoOats, because people loved it. But getting investors to see that potential, especially when you’re surrounded by so many other great ideas out there – well, that’s the hard part.”

As The Inquisitr reported, this season of Shark Tank will be focusing on how many small businesses have been navigating the coronavirus pandemic, which has been devastating for a number of smaller outfits and has led to closures across the country. While it was not clear if this would be part of the GoOats story told on Friday, the company appears to have adopted many of the changes that investor Kevin O’Leary said were taking place, including a move to more online operations.