Jay-Z Is Dropping His First Cannabis Line With Caliva

Jay-Z is officially launching his first cannabis line, named MONOGRAM. The new release is in collaboration with Caliva, a California weed company where he already serves as chief brand strategist.

Per the website, the MONOGRAM line aims to "mark a new chapter in cannabis defined by dignity, care, and consistency." Not much has been revealed about what type of strains the line will include. Still, those interested can already sign up on the company's website to be notified as soon as the product drops, which is expected to arrive sometime on Friday, October 23.

In order to support the release, Jay-Z has also debuted a playlist on Tidal, his streaming platform. Titled "Monogram: Sounds From the Grow Room," the playlist includes artists such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Fela Kuti, D'Angelo, The Beatles, and many more.

Fans didn't take long to react to the news on social media, with some not being 100 percent convinced to buy Jay-Z's cannabis.

"I refuse to buy Jay-Z branded weed," one person tweeted.

Getty Images | Nicholas Hunt

As reported by Billboard, the rap mogul was hired as chief brand strategist at Caliva in 2019.

"Anything I do, I want to do correctly and at the highest level," Jay-Z said in a statement about joining the team.

"With all the potential in the cannabis industry, Caliva's expertise and ethos make them the best partners for this endeavor. We want to create something amazing, have fun in the process, do good and bring people along the way."
Apart from helping with creative strategy, the "99 Problems" rapper is also expected to work on important social justice projects such as weed legalization, mass incarceration, and more. He will also educate the company through "advocacy, job training and overall employee and workforce development."

The mogul has previously opened up about his views on weed and the war on drugs. In 2016, Jay-Z produced a short movie for The New York Times, called The War on Drugs Is an Epic Fail. The film meticulously documented the American government's fight against drugs and why it did nothing but hurt minority communities over the decades.

The rapper has previously detailed his views on weed in his music catalog over the years, with plenty of marijuana references in songs such as "Party Life," "Allure," and more.

Jay-Z isn't the first rapper to launch a weed product, however. Other rappers who have dropped their own cannabis brands include Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and The Game.

As reported by The Inquisitr, researchers may also have found that marijuana could be a useful tool against COVID-19.