Olivia Munn Shows Off Tight Tummy In Shimmery Crop Top

Olivia Munn attends the premiere of The Rook
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Olivia Munn has shared a sweet new series of photos to her Instagram page after taking almost two weeks off from the platform. The actress shared three new images to her timeline, all of which came in their own posts. The X-Men: Apocalypse star shared some snapshots from her time on-set for an upcoming project where she was getting ready for the day.

In the three images, Olivia wore a shimmery silver cropped sweater that fell right above the top of her high-waisted jeans. The sweater featured a baggy sleeve that was pulled together at the cuff, making the arms look slightly puffy.

She wore her long brunette locks down in loose waves in a style that was desirable to many of her fans. She showed off her lighter new hairstyle, as the actress is traditionally known for her darker tresses. Hiding behind her waves were medium-sized gold hoop earrings.

One image was a close-up selfie where she showed off her look for the day and her very shiny hair. The second was taken a little further back, as she posed to the side with her mouth open, looking like she was about to gasp. Olivia stood in front of a wood-paneled wall that had a sheet of computer paper taped to it with her name written on it.

In the third image, the 40-year-old held her arms up and folded behind her head, lifting the crop top up enough to show off her tiny tummy.

In under an hour, the three photos brought in over 100,000 likes in total and hundreds of comments. Fans commented on Olivia’s beauty in each of the three snapshots, letting the star know just how great she looked.

“It should be illegal to be this fire,” one Instagram user wrote.

“You are so beautiful. I love all your movies. You are so talented. And did I mention how beautiful you are,” another added.

“Okay this is serious body goals,” a third admirer noted.

Those who couldn’t come up with the words opted to leave emoji. As with most of Olivia’s posts, the comments section became full of fire symbols, heart-eye smiley faces, and hearts in every color.

While the snapshots weren’t over-the-top sexy, they were still hot enough for her followers to fawn over her.

“Looking absolutely gorgeous and mesmerizing as always,” a fourth fan wrote.

High-waisted jeans have been on trend for Olivia lately. The Rook actress’s last post showed her wearing the popular clothing item while horseback riding early last week.