Shawn Johnson Shares Adorable Photo Of Daughter Drew Dressed As A Princess

Olympian Shawn Johnson shared a precious new photo of her daughter Drew via her Instagram page Friday, October 23. The toddler was dressed up in a princess costume, and Shawn's 2.7 million followers went wild over the adorable snap.

Drew was barefoot and inside the family's home as she toddled around the wood floor. She appeared to be dressed as the Disney character Cinderella, with a gown and tiara.

The blue gown had a tulle skirt that went down nearly to the floor as well as a shorter skirt underneath. Puff sleeves and satin detailing made for a sweet look, and Drew seemed to love it.

The tiara covered the little girl's very short, brown hair.

Her eyes sparkled and her mouth was wide open, with a couple of top teeth showing, as she seemed to express her excitement for her Cinderella look.

The little one, who will have her first birthday next week, had her hands closed in loose, little fists. She had her arms outstretched as she leaned forward, and she seemed to be photographed mid-step.

Shawn quoted Marilyn Monroe in her caption for this post. She also noted a new YouTube video connected to this photo was perhaps her favorite of any clip they had put together.

The YouTube video showed Shawn and her husband, Andrew East, trying out a handful of Halloween costumes on Drew. The toddler got to look at herself in the mirror with each one, and she certainly appeared to love the princess ensemble.

This is Drew's first Halloween, and it seemed both Shawn and Andrew were having a blast watching her reaction to all of the different costumes.

They showed Drew seeing herself for the first time in the Cinderella costume, and she held a wand in one hand as she looked in the mirror. She gasped when she saw herself, and Andrew noted there were tears of pure joy watching it all.

Shawn's Instagram post received more than 52,000 likes and 260 comments in just 45 minutes. Her followers seemed to feel almost as much joy over this adorable snapshot as Drew's mama did.

"She is a little princess, that's for sure! Your photos of her have captured my heart!" one fan wrote.

"This photo is the pure joy we all need right now," another commented.

"Ooh my heart hello sweetie," remarked a follower.

"She is absolutely DARLING," someone else detailed.

This wasn't the first costume option Shawn shared with her fans. She also dressed Drew up in a Wonder Woman outfit, which was also very cute.

The parents noted they weren't sure exactly what their Halloween plans would be this year, given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Even if they just dress Drew up and stay at home, Shawn will surely share additional snapshots on the big day itself.