Kyle Richards Says She's 'In A Good Place' With Denise Richards Following Her Exit From 'RHOBH'

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has revealed she worked things out with her former co-star, Denise Richards, after their rocky 10th season on the Bravo reality show.

Although Denise announced her exit from the Bravo reality show after the explosive RHOBH reunion aired, Kyle said she reached out to her behind the scenes because she doesn't like leaving "loose ends."

"I've texted with her since then and we're good," Kyle told Us Weekly.

"We're in a good place, but I would have loved to come back and work through all that, but you know, it didn't end up that way but we can work it out off-camera."
Kyle admitted that she regretted calling Denise a "ragamuffin" when talking about how she dressed on the show. The Bravo veteran reiterated that the word was something her mother used in the 1970s and that she didn't mean it to come off the way it sounded.
"I said it in a not nice tone, that's what I regret. But the word, honestly, my mom used to always, you know, call me a little ragamuffin. … It wasn't like a horrible word, you know what I mean? It was just that night that I was, like, having a meltdown and I just didn't like the tone. It didn't feel like myself."

Kyle Richards on a virtual call with Watch What Happens Live

Kyle also admitted that while the ratings for the 10th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were "off the charts," it was her least favorite round to film because things got so nasty with the women.

The mom-of-four added that she experienced a lot of anxiety with her busy schedule, which included launching her Kyle x Shahida clothing line and filming the Halloween movie sequel while juggling her RHOBH duties.

"I felt exhausted. I looked exhausted, and I hated everything that was going on with the drama with women. It was just too much. So, I'm happy to, like, start fresh."
Kyle's drama with Denise took place when the Bold and the Beautiful star hosted an outdoor pizza dinner for the Real Housewives cast and other friends last fall. Denise has been known to dress down for group events, sometimes favoring jeans and tees over fancy outfits like her co-stars, and this was no exception.

At one point, Kyle talked called Denise a "ragamuffin," which is a throwback term that usually refers to someone dressed in raggedy clothes. She later explained her comment on Twitter, where she acknowledged that what she said about Denise was "not nice," but chalked it up to the phrase her mom used to use when she was "messy" as a child.

In her tweet, Kyle admitted that the combination of "margaritas, exhaustion & emotions" at Denise's dinner party brought out the worst in her.

Denise later clapped lack by posting a slideshow of her most glamorous magazine covers on Instagram, seen here.

She captioned her clap back with a cheeky, "Going down memory lane with this #ragamuffin."