Paul McCartney's Daughter Mary Shares She's 'Proud' Of Her Dad In A Series Of Intimate Studio Snaps

Paul McCartney's daughter, Mary, noted she was proud of her father in the caption of a series of intimate studio snaps that were taken during the recording of his newest release, McCartney III. Mary took the photographs to prove that her father did indeed play every instrument during the recording of the third in a trilogy of releases that began in 197o with the album McCartney and continued in 1980 with McCartney II. Mary is Paul's daughter with his late wife, Linda. Paul and Linda had three other children -- Heather, James, and Stella.

In the caption of the share, Mary revealed she took the photos to show off her dad's musical abilities. McCartney III was recorded in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic at the legend's home in Sussex, England, reported The Guardian. The album's songs were reportedly built from live takes of Paul singing over both guitar and piano accompaniments. They were later overdubbed later with bass guitar and drum parts, per The Guardian.

The images reveal just how dedicated Paul was to make sure the album was technically perfect. In the series of three photographs, he was seen playing a trio of instruments.

The pic on the left was of The Beatles legend as he held a Kay M1 upright bass previously owned by Bill Black of Elvis Presley's original trio, The Blue Moon Boys. That detailed information came from a post shared on the songwriter's official Instagram account as seen here. Paul wore a long-sleeved ivory-toned shirt that had a graphic on it. He added an olive green jacket.

The center photograph showed Paul behind a drum set wearing the same outfit as the first pic. He played a 5-piece Ludwig drum kit, a Black Beauty snare, a DW piccolo snare, and a selection of Zildjian cymbals. Details regarding the instruments were found from a post seen here. The area behind the musician was filled with blocks of color as well as what appeared to be a large photograph of sunflowers.

The final image was of Paul as he played a light wood-toned 1954 Fender Telecaster with a black pickguard. He wore headphones to hear the other instruments as he added the guitar parts to McCartney III, which will be released on December 11.

Fans of the legendary musician appreciated Mary's post and found the images to be fabulous. They shared their feelings in the comments section.

"The greatest One Man Band," wrote one user.

"These photos are so full of warmth, peacefulness, and private joy. You have a true eye for capturing precious moments! Worthy of your beautiful mom! Give your dad the longest platonic hug possible from everyone in Sweden!" a second fan exclaimed, who referenced the photography skills of Mary's mother Linda.

"Great portraits and can't wait for the record," remarked a third follower.