Friday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Carly & Nina Clash Over Nelle's Grave

On Friday's General Hospital, there will be plenty of drama at the cemetery between Carly Corinthos and Nina Reeves. Nelle Benson has just been laid to rest, but she has left some unrest among the living as only she could do.

The two women were left standing over Nelle's grave when the show ended on Thursday, and their confrontation will continue on Friday. Nelle has left both Carly and Nina with unexpected emotions after she supposedly died and they are doing their best to deal with them. At the end of today's show, Carly showed up at her grave unexpectedly leaving Nina very surprised.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicates that they will have some sort of argument that is expected to be all about Nelle.

It seems that the villainous girl has continued to cause problems for Carly, despite her being dead. She spilled to Jason on Thursday all about the nightmares that she has had ever since Nelle's body was found. She said that she has this feeling that Nelle isn't quite done with her yet. She also feels like she needs to remember something, but has no idea what that is. It seems likely there will be something coming up that will trigger Carly's memory. Will it have something to do with that heart necklace?

'General Hospital' star Laura Wright in a promo pic.
ABC | Craig Sjodin

On the other hand, Nina is feeling guilt for thinking that she didn't do enough to help Nelle. She considers that if she had people who cared for her, she may have been saved from her evil ways like Nina was. Carly has already chided Nina for paying for her burial. It's likely that they will continue to argue over her guilty conscience.

These two women have many of their loved ones worried about them. General Hospital spoilers for Thursday's show teased that Nina's guilt and concern over Nelle's death, and Carly's sleepless nights, may be one step closer to the truth of Nina's biological daughter being found out.

All of this appears to be leading up to Nelle being her daughter and that may drive her to a dark place once again. If she is feeling all this guilt now, knowing that her child is dead, and that she didn't get the chance to help her, it may be a bad thing.

Next week, Carly will be confiding in Jax about something. He was there with her the night that Nelle fell off the cliff in the woods and cooked up the plan to lie to the cops. They seem to be getting closer again because of their secret, and that will eventually affect his relationship with Nina. Emotions are about to explode on General Hospital and the mystery of Nina's child may be revealed very soon.