Ayesha Curry Says Farewell To Her Gorgeous Blond Hair Only A Few Days After Initial Debut

Ayesha Curry shared a couple of photos with her 7.4 million Instagram followers and announced that she was done sporting her well-received blond hair. The influencer stated that the change was "fun while it lasted" but would require too much work if it was permanent.

As recently reported by The Inquisitr, Ayesha debuted her new hairstyle in a Boomerang-style video filmed while she was in the car with her husband, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry. Her fans obsessed over the video, which racked up over 800,000 likes.

Ayesha kept her look casual for the video, rocking a patterned jacket. However, almost all the attention was on her new hairstyle. She parted her blond locks down the middle of her head and seemed to tie them in a ponytail. She left a few strands loose to frame her face.

In her most recent update, the author posted two selfies in which she wore a blue tie-dye t-shirt. The photos appeared to be taken in a bedroom as there was a white dresser visible in the background.

In the first pic, Ayesha gently rested her right hand near the top of her head. Her freshly manicured fingernails hardly touched the surface of her scalp. Her golden locks were worn down and hung by each side of her face, with a small portion on the right side tucked behind her ear. She raised her dark brown eyebrows up slightly as she gazed directly into the camera. Ayesha parted her full lips subtly as she maintained a calm expression.

In the second shot, the author of The Full Plate struck a more casual pose. She seemed to be sitting on the ground, as her knees were bent and tucked in close to her chest. Ayesha threw up a peace sign with her right hand, which allowed her to flaunt her long nails. She tilted her face upwards and looked off into the distance. Her hair was parted down the middle, and one side was tucked behind her ear as the other laid naturally.

Her fans raced to the comments section of the post and shared their approval for her new look. They reassured her that she looked stunning and recommended she ignore the haters.

"I'm not sure why people hate...I think this look fits you really well," one person remarked.

"I LOVED the blonde xoxo," another fan wrote.

"Love this color on you!" a third follower exclaimed, as they added a heart emoji to their comment.

The shots accumulated over 200,000 likes in under an hour after they went live.