Jessica Killings Shows Off Tight Abs And Bodacious Booty In Gray Leggings

Jessica Killings gave her 1.9 million Instagram fans something to be motivated by on Wednesday, October 21, when she uploaded a new photo that showed her clad in a workout set that outlined her sculpted body.

The American model and fitness aficionado was posed against a darkened backdrop as she stood in a three-quarter angle. Killings held a bottle of supplements in her right hand while taking the other hand to her hair. She propped her leg forward, helping to showcase her bodacious booty.

Killings wore a pair of dark gray leggings with a thick waistband, which she folded down, showing off her tight stomach. Its thin, stretchy fabric clung to her body, delineating her shapely legs.

She completed her outfit with a turquoise sports bra that added a pop of color to the shot. It boasted a low-cut neckline that teased a bit of her cleavage, and medium straps that stretched over her shoulders.

Her brunette tresses were parted in the middle and worn down in straightened strands that cascaded against her back.

In the caption, Killings revealed that her post was an ad for 1st Phorm, a brand she is an ambassador for. She was promoting the brand's liposomal vitamin d3, which she said helps with depression and anxiety, among other benefits.

In under a day, the post has attracted more than 15,500 likes and upward of 150 comments. Many of her fans took to the comments section to thank her for sharing this useful information. Many others simply used the opportunity to comment on her beauty and style.

"That's great and I wish you a nice day, dear Jessica," wrote one of her fans.

"Your one of my favorite people on ig I hope to meet you in person one day," replied another user.

"I'm always catching a mood [ROFL emoji] Happy Humpday," a third admirer chimed in.

"[I] had no idea vitamin d3 was helpful for anxiety and depression [two screaming faces] omg great flippin hopeful share of knowledge jessica," replied another fan.

Killings offers a range of content in her Instagram feed, from fitness-related posts to others that show her dolled up. Last week, she did the latter when she uploaded a snap of herself getting her hair done, as The Inquisitr reported. She outstretched her arm to hold the camera from a far enough distance to frame her head and torso. Killings wore a semi-sheer white garment made from a stringy material and used her hair to cover her chest.