Nastia Liukin Shares 'Thursday Thoughts' While Flaunting Her Long Legs In Flirtatious Dress

Nastia Liukin flaunted her long, slim legs for her 1 million followers on Instagram in a multi-photo update. She used the social media platform to remind her fans that there is more to someone's personality than what they post online.

The Olympic gymnast looked stunning in the tan-colored dress she wore. The garment fell to the tops of her thighs and had a loose fit over her slender figure. The short sleeves extended to the middle of her sculpted arms. A small portion of Nastia's décolletage was visible due to the V-neck cut. She complemented her outfit with a pair of black combat boots and matching socks that were pulled up to her calves. She kept her accessories simple and wore only a pair of dark sunglasses. The fitness influencer parted her blond hair in the middle and appeared to have straightened it for the pictures.

In the first snap, the gold medal winner stood with her feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. She grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled the skirt out to the sides. Nastia's entire body was visible in the picture, which was taken from quite a distance away. A small part of her was covered by a looming shadow as she appeared to be looking into the camera's lens.

The second slide in the post was similar to the first photo but was a little more zoomed in. Nastia's profile was highlighted as her frock seemed to blow in the wind. Both of her arms rested at her side as she gazed off into the distance.

The Olympian struck a powerful pose for the third picture in the series. She rested both hands on the tops of her hips as her legs were spread apart. She seemed to be looking at the ground.

The final portion of the update was a short video. Nastia walked toward the camera for a couple of steps. She then twirled in a circle and kicked her left foot up at the end. As she spun, even more of her enviable physique was exposed as the gown rose up.

Her fans expressed their love for her eye-catching outfit in the comments section of the update, which received well over 1,000 likes in under a half hour of going live.

"This looooook," one person wrote, adding a couple fire emoji to the comment.

"A beauty," another fan noted.

"Breathtaking," a third fan wrote.

Nastia's previous Instagram pic also stunned her admirers, as reported by The Inquisitr, when she flaunted her sculpted physique in a tight black dress.