Nicole Thorne Dazzles In Glow-In-The-Dark Underwear In Latest Update

Australian model Nicole Thorne stripped down to her undies for her latest Instagram update, treating followers to an eyeful of gorgeous curves. The brunette bombshell showcased a fabulous glow-in-the-dark set from Knobby Underwear -- a black two-piece with a graphic print in contrasting shades of bright-white and purple. Nicole was joined by her boyfriend, Mitch Fairall, who wore formfitting boxers that coordinated with her ensemble. The two demonstrated the phosphorescent quality of their eye-popping duds by filming a short clip in which they turned off the light.

Nicole rocked a sporty bralette that flaunted her busty chest. The super low-cut piece also teased a tantalizing glimpse of sideboob and beautifully framed her ample décolletage area with a set of black spaghetti straps. The top featured a thick, black band that matched the wide waistband of her bottoms, which were extremely high-cut and dipped well below her navel. The sides came up above her hips, exposing her legs and accentuating her narrow waist and trim physique.

The 29-year-old shared a color photo of the ensemble, which was cropped at the upper thigh and spotlighted her hourglass shape. The model appeared to be seated, displaying her perky chest and toned midriff as she gazed into the camera with a sultry stare. She brushed her hair behind her ear on one side, slightly tilting her head. Her dark tresses tumbled over her other shoulder in tousled waves, grazing her bosom.

The camera flash illuminated Nicole's face and half her body, emphasizing her beautiful facial features as well as her abs and curvy hip. Mitch was only partly featured in the snap, which captured half of his backside and gave a close-up look at his patterned briefs.

The two were snuggled close to each other in the selfie video, which was shot in black-and-white and showed the pair in front of a mirror. Nicole enjoyed the spotlight, showing off her curvaceous figure and sexy thigh gap as she reached for the light switch and gyrated her hips. Meanwhile, Mitch stood behind her, holding up the phone in front of her shoulder. As soon as the room went dark, some of the symbols on their underwear lit up, glowing across Nicole's chest and on the small front of her bottoms, as well as on Mitch's hip.

Nicole penned a cheeky caption for her post, adding a pair of ghost emoji and three flashlights to draw further attention to the glow-in-the-dark undies. The upload was met with enthusiasm by her followers, who complimented the look in the comments section.

"I love these so much!" wrote one person, leaving a heart-eyes emoji for emphasis.

"They're brilliant!!!" said another Instagrammer.

"I need these in my life," remarked a third fan.

"Omg these are so cool!!!" chimed in a fourth follower.

Within two hours, the post amassed just shy of 7,000 likes.