Kate Beckinsale Looks Flawless Snuggled Up In Bed With Creepy Friend

Kate Beckinsale has shared a new video to her Instagram page which featured someone very close to her heart. The Underworld actress appeared totally flawless as she lay in her white-framed bed, fitted with crisp matching sheets. Her brunette locks were perfectly wavy, and she looked like she could have walked right off of a red carpet and straight into the bed. She wore pink pajamas and pulled the blankets over her while she talked to someone on the other side of the mattress who was initially not in the frame.

"Goodnight, Chucky," she said.

The camera slowly panned over to the other side of the bed, revealing her cat Clive sitting calmly, dressed as everyone's favorite killer child's toy. The feline patiently sat as he wore a Chucky costume, and as hard as Kate fought it, she couldn't help but laugh as the camera moved away from her. She tried to pretend to go to sleep and closed her eyes, but as the camera moved over to Clive, she opened her eyes and let out a little snort. It seemed impossible to stay serious while Clive looked so silly.

Clive sported the horror villain's traditional garb, wearing Chucky's blue overalls with a red-and-white striped shirt. He also held up a felt knife which was made to look like it had blood on it. Clive wagged his tail one time as he stared back at his mom, as if wondering what she had dressed him up in this time.

Kate's followers couldn't get enough of the video and rewarded it with plenty of double taps. In under half an hour of its posting, the clip had been viewed over 50,000 times and brought in 20,000 likes.

"The snort makes this gold," one commenter noted of Kate breaking character.

"That would give me nightmares! Your cat is awesome!" another user wrote.

"Your cat is looking at you like: 'you're crazy if you think I'm letting you sleep and leave me with these clothes on,'" a third person joked.

Other followers couldn't help but notice how great Kate looked while she was going to sleep for the night.

"I bet she looks the same when she wakes up!!! So stunning," an admirer wrote.

The Pearl Harbor actress routinely posts photos and videos of Clive and her other pets on her Instagram feed. She often puts them in silly costumes, displaying their impressive patience. Last month, Kate shared a picture of Clive's reaction to seeing her unclothed, as he sat on a bed and stared at her with his mouth wide open, looking totally shocked.