Camila Bernal Wears Skimpy Butterfly Two-Piece As She Asks Fans If They Prefer Her With Or Without Makeup

Camila Bernal takes a selfie
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Instagram model Camila Bernal impressed her 1.4 million followers with her recent post. The update, which was added on Wednesday, October 21, saw the celebrity sharing a TikTok video to her Instagram account. In the caption, she asked her supporters if they preferred her with or without makeup. However, for many, they were more interested in her revealing two-piece.

The clip started with Camila sitting in front of a mirror. She wore a towel and held her phone up in front of her face in order to capture the moment. Mouthing the words to a song, she then moved her phone forward. Bringing it back toward her face, it was then revealed that she had gone from a natural look to being fully made up.

As she continued to sing along, she pulled her dark locks out of the tight bun and let them fall around her shoulders. Flicking her hair, a new reveal not only saw her hair now styled and parted to the side, but she was now wearing a skimpy two-piece outfit.

Black straps held the top in place. On the front, pink-and-purple butterfly cutouts covered her chest. However, plenty of her ample cleavage and some sideboob were still on display.

The shot then panned out and the full outfit could be seen. The bikini briefs had another butterfly motif and thin straps sat high over her wide hips. As she turned around, the thong-backed outfit highlighted her curvaceous booty.

As soon as Camila posted the video, which contains swear words so should be considered NSFW, her followers were quick to respond. Within four hours, the clip had already garnered more than 8,000 likes and plenty of comments from her avid fan base.

“Natural is always better….some people put too much and look like [a clown],” one follower wrote in the comments section as they responded to Camila’s caption.

“God bless nature!!!” declared another fan.

“Slay,” another user simply stated.

“This is fire,” wrote a fourth person, also using an emoji for further emphasis.

In fact, many of her followers decided to use emoji rather than words to convey how they felt. The most popular were the fire, heart, and heart-eyed ones. However, considering the content of Camila’s clip, the peach emoji certainly got a serious workout as well.

Camila often shares risqué content with her official social media account. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on Tuesday, she once again showed off her alluring booty in red satin lingerie. In the caption, she declared she could be a “bad habit,” which completely captivated her intended audience.