Clare Crawley Claps Back After 'Bachelorette' Viewer Accuses Her Of Lying About Not Going To Her Prom

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley defended herself after she was accused of lying about skipping her prom.

On the most recent episode of the ABC dating show, the 39-year-old Sacramento hairstylist spent some one-on-one time with suitor Chasen Nick. During their exchange, Clare revealed that she was a nobody in high school and was so "invisible" that she didn't go to her prom because no one asked her.

While Chasen was shocked that no one asked Clare to be their date, it turns out she did go to at least one senior ball.

In an Instagram montage that was posted following The Bachelorette airing, a viewer -- who has since made her account private -- shared the clip from the show, then added scrapbook photos of a teen Clare dressed up for a big dance, per ET Online. In the pics, she wore a sparkly black dress and a corsage on her arm as she posed alongside her tux-wearing date.

In the caption, the Instagram user called Clare out and said she actually did go to her prom in 1999.

"My husband took [Clare Crawley] to senior prom, [Clare] you went to prom," the viewer wrote.

She later noted that The Bachelorette star went to an all-girls school while her husband went to an all-boys school.

"Call it what you want, Senior Ball or Senior Prom, it took place in the spring," the viewer added.

When another told The Bachelorette star that she's "been exposed," the ABC leading lady clapped back to defend herself.

"Lol actually not. You do know there is more dances in high school that are NOT prom? Turns out it's just someone digging up old photos. (why she keeps her husband's old dance pics I'm not sure) I went to a new school senior year and in fact DID NOT go to prom just like I said."

The cast of The Bachelorette
ABC | Craig Sjodin

Reaction to the exchange was mixed as viewers hit the comments section. While some called Clare a "queen" and supported her, others accused her of playing games with her guys.

"You are so desperate that you had to pull the pity card. Well it's obvious someone knew who you were and you weren't invisible," one commenter wrote.

"Wowwww...she likes to play the 'poor me' card so she can get validation from these guys," a second person chimed in.

Another commenter added that they love when someone comes out with "receipts."

Clare has already received mixed reviews from her Bachelorette suitors. She was immediately smitten with Dale Moss, and previews for the season show that some of her suitors got so turned off that they ask for a new Bachelorette to come in.