'Sports Illustrated' Model Haley Kalil Shows Off Her Round Booty In Tight Gray Leggings

Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil showed off her round booty in tight gray leggings in a new Instagram share. The redheaded stunner displayed her rear view in a series of two snaps that were liked by her 342,000 followers over 8,000 times. In the caption of the share, Haley claimed she took the images in order to encourage her followers not to feel they had to live up to a standard of beauty set by social media. She said something as simple as moving one's body could change the look of an entire snap.

She attempted to prove this in a side-by-side post, where she sat down and her bottom appeared full and very round. In the second photo, it was its normal shape.

In both images, Haley sported the same causal outfit. She wore a ribbed lavender cropped sweater. The shirt fit the upper half of her body snugly. It had a high neckline and tight sleeves that fell atop her wrists.

Her bottom was covered by cropped-leg athletic wear. The high-waisted pants clung to her every curve. They were fitted around her behind and toned thighs.

Haley's auburn tresses were worn in two different ways in the corresponding photographs. On the left, she appeared to brush them back away from her forehead in order to get a flawless profile photo. In the right pic, she allowed her tresses to fall naturally onto her face. Her bangs brushed the tops of her eyes as she smiled.

Behind the Sports Illustrated model, an unmade bed was seen. It had white sheets and a color-corresponding plush comforter that was pushed down to almost the end of the furniture. Beyond the bed, a large, dark-colored wooden double door was visible. Placed to the right of the bedroom set was a small white end table. This held assorted personal items and a water bottle. If you look closely at the left photograph, a cat perch was in the corner.

Fans found the photos to be beautiful.

"Had to rethink my social media channel to make me happier and appreciate it rather than compare myself," remarked one follower.

"I put my bottom on the counter sometimes too, and that's okay too," joked a second fan of the model.

"Irrelevant to photo: you are an inspirational girl and you've made my day. Glad I stumbled upon you," wrote a third Instagram user.

"Yes!! Needed to hear this today, thank you," exclaimed a fourth fan.