Sydney Sweeney Shows Off Serious Cleavage While Sunbathing In A Revealing Bikini

Sydney soaked up some sun with a friend.

Sydney Sweeney attends the Audi pre-Emmy celebration
Rich Polk / Getty Images

Sydney soaked up some sun with a friend.

Sydney Sweeney showed off her killer curves while she basked in the sun in a new post on Tuesday. The Euphoria star’s 2.4 million Instagram followers were downright ecstatic to see her bikini-clad figure being bathed in bright natural light. The snapshot was a smash hit, amassing over 700,000 likes and a deluge of positive comments from appreciative social media users.

Sydney, 23, stunned in a patterned two-piece. The swimsuit was white with a splashy yellow print that resembled brush strokes. Her top’s upper strings appeared to serve as halter ties that had to support her assets, while the garment’s triangle-shaped cups were fairly large for a string bikini. However, they still left a great deal of her insane cleavage uncovered.

The light hit Sydney’s voluptuous chest in a way that immediately drew the eye to it. Sunbeams lit up the fine blond hairs on the right side of her chest, while also making her tan skin glow. The left side of her bust was in the shade.

Sydney was photographed at an angle, and the camera captured her body from one upper thigh to the top of her head. The only part of her string bikini bottoms that could be seen were the tie-style sides, which she wore pulled up high on her hips. Her curled fingers rested over the white bows that secured her bottoms in place.

She sat on a yellow padded lounger with her head resting against its back. She propped herself up on her elbows and bent her left knee so that her thigh was raised, teasing a glimpse of the curve of her derriere. Her pose — and the sunlight — also emphasized the flat planes of her taut stomach.

Sydney accessorized with a pair of flamboyant Marc Jacobs sunglasses. The shades had square white frames that featured the designer’s name repeated in rainbow letters. The eyewear’s shape was reminiscent of retro 3D glasses. She also wore two gold chain-link bracelets, and a black bucket hat covered her head. Her blond tresses spilled out from beneath its small brim in soft, flowy waves.

Sydney was not alone, but all that could be seen of her companion was a hand resting on a thigh. A rose tattoo identified the other sunbather as Halsey. As reported by The Inquisitr, the “Nightmare” singer and Sydney appeared together in a series of sun-drenched snapshots that made waves on social media back in September. Sydney’s fans seemed to adore her solo snapshot just as much.

“How is Syd not the most famous woman on earth? Super talented and drop dead gorgeous,” read one response to her post.

“I believe in female supremacy,” another admirer wrote.

“She needs to start warning us,” suggested a third fan.

“I would die for you,” a fourth devotee declared.