Jessie J Gives Fans A Close-Up View Of Her Twerking Booty & Confirms That She’s Single

Jessie compared her booty to her eyes.

Jessie J ready to cheer on Tottenham Hotspur F.C. at the Champions Retreat in Plaza Mayor
Samuel de Roman / Getty Images

Jessie compared her booty to her eyes.

Jessie J had her Instagram followers in hysterics on Tuesday when she demonstrated her twerking skills. The British singer compared her jiggling derriere to her eyes in a post that was about what single life has been like for her.

In her caption, Jessie, 32, confirmed that she isn’t currently dating anyone. She seemed to suggest that being single during a pandemic has been challenging, using a crystal ball emoji as a visual representation of her struggles. She elaborated on her dating difficulties by using her booty to show her followers what her pupils do when she stares at a potential partner and tries to get a “quick read” on their “energy.”

The video began with a close-up shot of Jessie’s flawless face as she gave the camera a demure look. Her eyes sparkled and her lips formed a small smile. Her dark bob looked sleek and smooth, and textured bangs brushed the “Bang Bang” singer’s forehead. The camera zoomed in on her face a bit more before the clip cut to a much different close-up shot. Her butt took up much of the video’s frame as she bent over in front of the camera.

She wore a skintight black dress that clung to her voluptuous backside. The garment had a lace-up detail on the back that revealed a lot of skin. One of its ties was extra long, and it bounced up and down on Jessie’s booty as she twerked along to the song “Salt Shaker” by the Ying Yang Twins, featuring Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz.

The song suddenly slowed down dramatically, and Jessie whipped her head around to glance back over her shoulder. This revealed that her brunette hair was styled in fluffy waves and arranged in a half-updo. The head whip was replayed three times, and it also got the freeze-frame treatment.

Jessie’s twerking skills have helped her Instagram update garner over 122,000 likes so far, and her followers let her know that they found her antics hilarious by sharing a massive amount of laughing-crying emoji in the comments section.

“Hahahaa Shawty got a DONK!!!” read one message from a fan.

“Look back at it then Jessie lol,” another admirer wrote.

“It’s the booty growth for me,” a third commenter chimed in.

Others expressed surprise that Jessie is no longer dating actor Channing Tatum. Their on-again, off-again romance began in 2018, and Cosmopolitan reported that the status of their relationship was unclear as of last month. However, it looks like they’re definitely off right now.

While being single during a pandemic might be a drag sometimes, Jessie looked like she was having a blast in a video that she shared with her fans last week. The daring “Domino” songstress was shown jumping off the roof of a small building into a pool and flashing her bra on the way down.