Reese Witherspoon Announces Her Beloved Dog Pepper Has Died, Admits She Is 'Heartbroken'

Reese Witherspoon is in mourning, as the actress announced Tuesday evening that her dog, Pepper, had passed away. The Walk the Line star shared a sweet tribute to Pepper on Instagram, posting a photo of the little French Bulldog that she loved so much. The picture was simple and showed Pepper sitting on green grass with a red, white and blue bandana while looking up at the camera with her mouth open. Reese noted in her lengthy caption that Pepper had died yesterday and called her a "loyal and devoted" member of her family.

The 44-year-old admitted that she was "heartbroken" but said she was also very grateful for all the time she got to spend with Pepper over the years. Reese said her sweet pup was now in "dog heaven" likely chasing after tennis balls and running through fields, as most owners hope of their departed pets. At the end of the caption, the clothing designer noted that she and her family would always love the dog.

In just a few hours, the photo amassed over 200,000 likes and thousands of comments, most of which offered condolences to the sad dog mom. Reese received support from fellow celebrities in the comments, including sentiments from Mark Duplass, Hoda Kotb, Sara Blakely, and Molly Stern.

Some of her famous co-stars also reached out with condolences.

"I am so sorry. What a love. She is lucky to have had you all. Dear creature. Rest. In love," Cruel Intentions co-star Selma Blair wrote.

"Sweetest Pepper. Such a heartbreak," Big Little Lies pal Laura Dern added.

Reese's fans shared stories of their own losses and offered empathy for what she was going through.

"I'm so sorry!! It's devastating losing a pet!! We lost our Frenchie this past July! I'm still heartbroken! They're in heaven now!!" one fan wrote.

"The most beautiful caption I have ever read. I'm so, so sorry for your loss Reese," another penned.

Everything seemed to be okay with Pepper earlier this month when Reese shared a selfie alongside the Frenchie on Instagram October 7. She wrote that her pup wanted to check in with everyone and see how they were doing.

Reese's daughter, Ava Phillippe,revealed on her Instagram Wednesday that Pepper had been battling aggressive cancer for months. Ava said it looked like she was improving and they thought she was getting better, but then things took a turn for the worse. The 21-year-old said Pepper passed peacefully surrounded by family.

Reese is still a dog mom to bulldog Lou, who pops up on her social media feed occasionally.