Kinsey Wolanski Teases Fans In A Bath Towel & Opens It To Reveal Hilarious Surprise

Kinsey pranked her Instagram followers with a little help.

Kinsey Wolanski poses for a selfie.
Kinsey Wolanski / Instagram

Kinsey pranked her Instagram followers with a little help.

Kinsey Wolanski put on an alluring show in a bath towel for a video that likely had many of her Instagram followers on the edge of their seats with anticipation. However, the notorious prankster’s latest share ended with a humorous twist.

Kinsey, 24, is a model who gained viral fame by rocking a bun-baring swimsuit and streaking across the soccer field during the 2019 Champions League Final. Since then, she’s used social media to share numerous videos of herself pulling other pranks, and her latest creation included an appearance by another internet celebrity known for making people laugh.

In the clip, the sultry Al Green song “Let’s Get It On” played over footage of Kinsey inside a luxurious bedroom. The space had hardwood floors, a bed with an ornate cushioned frame, white walls covered with decorative molding, and a dark Grecian key pattern border near the high ceiling. Part of the floor was covered by a patterned area rug. Other furnishings included a dark wooden nightstand, a gray scalloped accent chair, and two lamps.

Kinsey had a fluffy white bath towel wrapped around her curvaceous body, and another smaller one was twisted around her blond hair. She held the former in place by grasping the right side of her voluptuous chest with her left hand. As the barefoot model slowly strolled across the floor on her tiptoes, she teasingly stuck the tip of her right index finger in her mouth. She kept her plump pout parted and approached the camera.

When Kinsey stopped walking, she ran her hands over her bust in a tantalizing manner while readjusting her covering. She then leaned forward, gave her hips a little wiggle, and began to open the towel — then the video abruptly cut.

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Man my body was looking amazing….. ???? @justsul

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In the next shot, Indian social media sensation Just Sul replaced Kinsey. The mustachioed actor opened his own absorbent covering to reveal his bare chest and belly, along with a pair of neon green swim trunks. He also wore a pair of sunglasses and a number of gold chains around his neck, one of which included a large bejeweled pendant shaped like his face. He performed a seductive little dance for Kinsey’s fans.

Scores of Kinsey’s followers responded to her post with strings of crying-laughing emoji, while a few expressed dismay over the video’s big twist ending.

“I wasn’t expecting this,” read one message from a fan.

“So funny,” another chimed in.

“You’re wrong for that,” a third person commented.

“Hahahahaha,” wrote model Lindsey Pelas.

While many of Kinsey’s posts are funny, she recently showed off her more serious side by offering her followers some sage life advice in the Instagram caption of two revealing swimsuit photos.