'Big Brother All-Stars' Breaks 17-Year Tradition, Fans Upset A Legendary Move Was Never Executed

To say this summer of Big Brother was a sheer disappointment to fans would be an understatement. All-Stars 2 is easily one of the most disliked seasons in the show's history, even surpassing some of the more recent hated casts that hailed from BB20 and BB21. For starters, old school players and fan-favorites were voted out early on in the game by younger houseguests. The new school players also followed the rule of "voting the HOH way."

Instead of scheming and devising plans to go against the Head of Household's wishes, the players mostly voted in unison this year, making BB22 one of the most lazily performed games in the show's history. The summer's HOHs also played it safe every single week, by never planning on making a bigger move after the Power of Veto (POV) played out.

This caused one fan to do a little bit of research into the show's backlog, which caused an upsetting fact about All-Stars 2 to come to light on Twitter. This is the first season since BB4 where there has not been a backdoor. That's a 17-year tradition right down the drain thanks to some of Big Brother's most liked and hated houseguests.

The backdoor was created in BB5 by Marvin Latimer and Nakomis Dedmon. The plan is put into motion when a reigning HOH does not nominate the initial target but instead relies on a Veto win to pull a pawn off the block, replacing them with the true target, ensuring they go home. By not nominating the person they want to go, the Head of Household heightens the chances of said houseguest going home, since they don't 100 percent have the option of playing for the POV.

The Big Brother cast sits in the living room

The backdoor is quintessential Big Brother. It's a move the fans live for, one that they love to see play out, and one they just didn't get in All-Stars.

There also have been very few blindsides this year. The only one that could technically be counted as a true blindside was Memphis Garret's eviction as he really felt he was safe, but the rest of the house knew he was going home. Some of the houseguests were surprised at rogue votes throughout the summer, but none truly reached blindside status.

The absence of backdoors and blindsides had viewers talking on Twitter in the worst way.

"I never want to hear a single one of these 'all stars' in that cheating alliance complain about bad game play in any future season," one viewer tweeted.

"This season is emblematic of how basic the new era of BB truly is right now. I hope we get a celebrity season this winter bc those are 10x better than the regular seasons these days," another user tweeted.

During the conversation, the BB fandom also pointed out that the Veto had been used a surprisingly low amount, only being played twice. BB4 did it even less, with just one POV being used. Other fans noted there were also no flip votes, which caused a different houseguest to be evicted than the original plan intended.