Anllela Sagra Sizzles In Black Lingerie & Angel Wings As She Flaunts Her Killer Physique

Instagram starlet Anllela Sagra was quite sexy and a little angelic in her latest video upload. She danced around for the camera while in her bathroom, driving her 12 million followers crazy over it.

The Tuesday morning clip showed Anllela wearing a lacy black bra and panties. To elevate the ensemble from quite enticing to exceptionally phenomenal, she added a pair of black angel wings to her back.

In her caption, Anllela simply added two emoji: a black heart and a pumpkin. That seemed to signal that this might have been a Halloween costume concept she was playing around with at home.

Anllela wore a gold choker around her neck along with several rings on her fingers. She also had a gold bracelet and watch on one of her wrists.

The 27-year-old native of Colombia wore her brunette hair loose and straight. Some of the tresses hung over her shoulders and chest while the rest tumbled down her back.

The model faced the camera and initially stood quite close to it. The lacy bra revealed plenty of cleavage and her rock-hard abs were on full display.

Music started, and she proceeded to sway her hips and take a few steps backward as she shared a sultry smile. Anllela played with her hair at various points and did a bit of peek-a-boo by placing her hands over her eyes and then taking them away.

As she moved backward, fans could see Anllela's long, lean legs as well. Her hip swivels accentuated her defined thigh muscles and further highlighted her abs.

Numerous people went wild over the video.

"You're the hottest," one fan declared.

"Luscious and scrumptious! Yum yum," wrote another.

"Ready for a walk down the Victoria Secret runway," a follower teased.

"Body of an angel but o so naughty very naughty," someone else commented.

The post accumulated more than 94,000 likes and 1,150 comments throughout the day. Quite a few people relied on emoji to get their point across, incorporating fire, angel, and heart icons to show Anllela their love.

Some fans noted that Anllela almost always does the same kind of little dance and that seemed to be the case in another clip she posted earlier this week. In that one, she wore flowers in her hair and a sexy, peach-colored lingerie set.

Anllela showcased her pert booty in that clip, something she neglected to do in her new somewhat naughty video. Even without that glimpse from the back, the Colombian model received plenty of praise in response to her jaw-dropping figure and sexy vibe.