Melissa Riso Tugs Down The Front Of Her Skimpy Bikini To Reveal Insane Cleavage

Melissa Riso snaps a selfie.
Melissa Riso / Instagram

Melissa Riso taunted her 1.2 million Instagram followers with a flirty snap on Tuesday afternoon, giving a sunny glimpse of her stunning physique while relaxing on the ocean.

She remarked in the caption that many people don’t know that she is from Guam, and described a little about her calm, zen attitude around maintaining happiness. She also hashtagged both “Cancun” and “boat,” indicating that her location in the snap was in Mexico, as opposed to the tiny island in the Western Pacific.

Melissa wore a vibrant yellow bikini that looked gorgeous against her bronzed skin, while contrasting beautifully with the cool tones in the background. The top of the suit had simple, triangular cups connected to spaghetti straps that tied in bows behind her neck and around her torso. She hooked her left thumb around the string in the center and playfully pulled it away from her body.

The tugging put additional pressure against her tantalizing breasts — which were already close to spilling out of the bikini — and emphasized the swell of her cleavage. The matching bottoms were embellished with tiny rings on either side.

Melissa leaned against the metal railing aboard a small watercraft. Turquoise water stretched far into the horizon to meet a bright blue sky filled with billowing clouds.

Melissa’s Instagram supporters loved the post and eagerly poured their hearts out in the comments section.

“Sweet Jesus but you’re absafrikinlootly gorgeous wow simply stunningly beautiful,” raved one fan, bringing a slightly less proper Mary Poppins vibe to the compliment.

“Pardon me but I think your Free Spirit brings out the Best in you Miss!” exclaimed a second person, who added palms-together and ocean waves emoji afterward.

“is there a color that you don’t look good in?” mused a third follower, seemingly indicating they believed the answer was a resounding no.

“Very Gorgeous woman and happy tity [sic] Tuesday lol sweetheart,” wished a fourth fan, who apparently preferred her ample assets over tacos.

Last month, The Inquisitr covered a snap in which the former Playboy TV host stripped down and posed provocatively on the floor. She wore a sparkling mesh bodysuit with nothing underneath and covered her bare breasts with one hand.

She paired the garment with a sizzling pair of gold stiletto heels that emphasized her long, muscular legs, one of which she propped up against the wall in front of her. Her head tipped back, and she let her long hair spill on the marble tile floor.