October 21, 2020
Casi Davis Spreads Her Legs, Wears Stiletto Heels While Bending Over The Hood Of A Jaguar

Model Casi Davis got her 1.3 million followers' engines revving with her latest Instagram update on Tuesday afternoon, in which the curvaceous blonde posed provocatively in front of a silver sportscar. She wore a pair of black high heels and a tiny thong that left extremely little to the imagination, and quoted a portion of the track "305 to My City" by Drake. Over 24,000 hot-and-bothered fans hit the "like" button in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

Casi stood in front of a parked Jaguar with her feet set wide apart. She bent forward at the waist and placed both palms on the shiny hood of the luxurious vehicle with her famous backside to the camera. The photographer composed the image such that her nearly naked derriere was in the exact center of the picture.

Her skimpy bottoms were trimmed in black, and a tiny slip of pink fabric between her rounded cheeks could be seen. She wore a black bra with narrow straps crisscrossing between her shoulder blades. Her shoes featured shiny black leather uppers and bright crimson soles.

Casi's wavy hair was pulled neatly over her right shoulder. Bright sunshine cast a dark shadow of her figure across the surface of the car, leaving a bright, triangular outline from the sunshine pouring in between her thighs.

The Jag was parked in front of a blank, cream-colored wall that provided no distraction from Casi's killer figure. It ended at the top quarter of the image, above which a cloudless blue sky and a sprinkling of green and gold palm trees was visible, creating a visually pleasing pattern with some additional texture.

Casi's Instagram followers loved the post and flooded the comments section with adoration for the alluring social media personality. Many expressed themselves with strings of various emoji indicating affection — the ever-popular heart-eyes, hearts, and flames were most prolific — and some were inclined to convey their feelings in words.

"Absolutely stunning a flawless shot," remarked one fan.

"The most dazzling and stunning and sensual and beautiful," gushed a second person.

"Yep this is the one..my fav post thus far!! Overwhelming!!" exclaimed a third follower.

"Its a Shaguar, baby, yeah!!!" joked a fourth user, commenting in the cheeky style of comedian Mike Myers' character Austin Powers.

Multiple supporters also continued the Drake lyric that Casi referenced, finishing with "your roommate got credit," or picked out other portions of the song.