Vicky Aisha Shows Off Cleavage & Tremendous Curves In A Sexy Cream Bodysuit

Vicky Aisha clicks a selfie.
Vicky Aisha / Instagram

Instagram model Vicky Aisha is once again showing off her tremendous curves on social media, and followers are not complaining one bit. A photo shared Monday to her secondary account showed the Aussie hottie rocking a daring cream bodysuit that bared her deep cleavage and voluptuous hips. Vicky gave fans a close-up view of her bountiful assets, snapping a half-body selfie that spotlighted her buxom chest. The stunner tilted her head to the side and shot a sexy smirk at the camera, fixing the lens with a seductive gaze.

The outfit left a vast amount of décolletage on display, boasting a square neckline that was low-cut enough to tease a glimpse of Vicky’s underboob tattoo. It had underwire cups that gave definition to her ample bust and delicate spaghetti shoulder straps. The skin-toned number was just as deep-cut on the side, flashing a tempting peek of sideboob. The look was rendered even more revealing by the high cut of the bottoms, which allowed the tattoo on her hip to be seen.

The bodysuit was adorned with a glossy print of the same color that resembled a combination of flowers and leopard spots, which added chic and femininity to the otherwise racy look. Vicky kept her accessories simple, wearing only a nose ring that added just the right amount of bling. She styled her golden tresses in tousled waves, brushing her hair over her shoulders to draw even more attention to her abundant cleavage.

The blond bombshell photographed herself against a dark backdrop that made her outfit stand out even more, ensuring the focus was on her dangerous curves. She appeared to be sitting on black cloth and had her back to a purple curtain. The pose emphasized the swell of her hips, highlighting her waist by comparison. A pink spotlight shone on her sinuous flank, lending a violet hue to her skin and locks.

Vicky wished fans a great week in her caption, accompanying her post with a pair of loving emoji.

The upload garnered considerable attention from her followers, who clicked the like button on the photo more than 12,850 times. Her supporters also flocked to the comments section to compliment her tantalizing appearance, dubbing Vicky “a great work of art” and telling her she looked “deliciously awesome.”

“Hope your week is good beautifulness!” wrote one person, leaving an assortment of flattering emoji.

“Sweeter than a pack of sweets,” quipped a second Instagrammer, who added a few candy emoji for emphasis.

“You are amazing girl,” chimed in a third fan.

“Woooooow you are so beautiful, your eyes are diamonds, I love your thick lips, you are my sweet temptation, you are the woman that shakes my neurons and accelerates my heart, you are an angel,” gushed a fourth devotee.