Ekaterina Zueva Sports Thigh-High Socks In New Topless Photo, Asks Fans For Help Choosing Halloween Costume

Ekaterina Zueva takes a mirror selfie in black underwear.
Ekaterina Zueva / Instagram

Ekaterina Zueva teased her 2.4 million Instagram followers on Monday, October 19, with a stunning new post. In it, the Russian model rocked just lingerie bottoms and thigh-high socks as she celebrated the approach of Halloween.

The photo captured Zueva in a bright indoor location. She posed with her back toward the camera, putting her toned booty fully on display. The stunning model placed her hands on a small desk adorned with vintage pink feathers, leaning her torso forward and pushing her derriere back. She lifted the front leg, bending at the knee to further highlight her backside.

Zueva turned her head to the left, glancing at the camera from over her shoulder. For a daring facial expression, her eyes were intent and lips generously parted. Her chocolate brown hair was in a middle part and styled down in large waves for added volume.

She wore a pair of white lingerie bottoms that boasted a thong back, which showed off her tight glutes. Around the waistband, it featured layered details that resembled petals, adding a romantic touch to the garment. Zueva completed her sexy ensemble with a pair of matching stockings, which wrapped tightly around her slender thighs.

Zueva opted to go topless for the shot, positioning her arm strategically to cover her breast and censor the post.

In the caption, Zueva noted her enthusiasm for the upcoming celebration and asked her fans for help choosing “the best costume.”

The post has attracted more than 32,100 likes and upward of 415 comments in under a day of going live. Many of her fans flocked to the comments section to share their suggestion for costumes. Many others simply used the occasion to shower Zueva with compliments.

“I can’t believe how amazing you are. You should dress up as my date. SO BEAUTIFUL,” one of her fans raved.

“Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in the movie The Suicide Squad,” replied another user.

“Don’t bother changing, come to my house i have some lollies for you [winky face] beautiful as ever zuueva,” a third admirer added.

“At your service, beautiful goddess of seduction,” chimed in a fourth user.

Zueva isn’t one to shy away from the camera, as she proudly embraces her feminine body and physique in her Instagram posts. As The Inquisitr has previously written, she recently shared an image of herself clad in a turquoise two-piece lingerie set. It featured a semi-sheer bra with an underwire structure. Her matching bottoms had thin side straps that she wore pulled up high on her hips, helping to accentuate the contrast between her lower body and slender waist.