Suzy Cortez Leaves Little To The Imagination While Snacking On A Banana In Bed

Suzy Cortez slayed in her most recent social media share as she snacked on some fruit in bed. The Monday evening snap has been getting noticed by her 2.4 million Instagram followers for more reasons than just one.

The October 19 upload captured the Brazilian babe sprawled out in a bed that was decorated with a textured duvet cover, and there was a mirror on the wall at Suzy's back. She lay on her chest, kicking her feet in the air and crossing them together. Suzy faced her chest toward the lens but averted her gaze off-camera. The model wore a scant amount of clothing for the photo op — something that her viewers at home didn't seem to mind.

On her upper half, she rocked a white top. Only a tease of the garment was visible because of the way that she was posed. A single spaghetti strap trailed down her bicep, leaving her shoulder and arm mostly bare. Suzy draped her arms across her bust to cover what was necessary to meet Instagram's strict guidelines as she playfully held a banana in one hand and bit the top of it.

Suzy's seductive pose revealed a tease of her pert derriere from the front side while the reflection in the mirror behind her allowed Suzy to show off her sculpted thighs and gym-honed figure. She went barefoot for the casual look, and the cross tattoo on her calf was also able to be seen. In the upper left corner of the image, there was a black sticker that read "Super Fresh" in bold, white letters.

Suzy styled her long, brunette locks with a deep side part and they spilled messily over her shoulders and chest. She wore a small, gold bracelet on her left wrist as her only visible accessory.

Fans have quickly made their love for the sexy new shot known. Within a matter of hours, the upload has amassed over 5,700 likes and 90-plus comments. Some social media users raved over Suzy's bombshell body while a few others used emoji instead.

"Night hotty," one follower wrote with a string of flame emoji tied to the end of the words.

"Oh, how beautiful!" a second social media user exclaimed.

"So fresh," another fan wrote, adding a set of red heart emoji.

Another Instagram user simply said that the photo was "very nice."

Suzy has made a habit of posting racy images on her page. Earlier this week, it was reported by The Inquisitr that the model pushed the envelope by wearing strappy lingerie and a set of pasties in a photo that attracted rave reviews from fans.