Tyra Banks Confuses Fans With Her 'Dancing with The Stars' Look For Week 6

Tyra Banks wore two outfits on Dancing with the Stars this week, but not everyone loved her looks.

For Week 6 of the ABC celebrity ballroom competition, the 46-year-old supermodel-turned-TV host took the stage wearing a gold, multi-layered, sequined top that resembled a mirrorball trophy. The wild top was paired with dark red pleated pants.

Tyra shared a photo of the look with the 6.7 million followers on her Instagram page just as the live show kicked off. In the pic, the DWTS host and executive producer posed backstage as she showed off her opening ensemble.

In the caption to the post, Tyra checked off her "outfit" and "smize" as she got ready to make her runway-style entrance into the ballroom.

But even on her own social media page, followers critiqued Tyra's fashion.

Tyra has long touted her stylist, Brendon Alexander, for bringing her the looks this season, but some fans felt that she needs to bring a whole new glam squad on board to help her with her weekly live TV gig.

"I don't understand how a supermodel's stylist can't do better. From the hair, the ill-fitting and unflattering outfits. I am very sad to see such an iconic woman look so basic," one critic wrote.

"Right? It's so disappointing. Such an extraordinary face and legacy. I've been thinking for years, she needs a new team to elevate her," another fan agreed.

"Another example of what happens when bad fashion and hair happen to beautiful people. I still love you and this show," a third wrote to the DWTS star.

Others noted that no matter what she wears, Tyra looks good.

"Yeah not her best outfit but hey when you are Tyra... you look good even with wearing a trash bag."
And some other commenters loved Tyra's look. One fan described her as "a tall glass of high-end red wine," while another said she was looking "fierce."

On her Instagram story, Tyra gave fans a closer look at the "cool" outfit as she admitted it was "very uncomfortable" to wear. Perhaps it's no surprise that midway through the Dancing with the Stars broadcast, the ABC host changed into a curve-hugging, gold minidress. In comments on her social media page fans seemed to like her second ensemble better.

Ahead of the live show, the America's Next Top Model alum teased more "sparkle" and "shine" for her hosting costumes. Some critics blasted Tyra for making Dancing with the Stars about her and her outfits, while others said they can't wait to see what she brings to the ballroom next.