Alexa Dellanos Goes For A Dip In The Pool & Displays Bombshell Curves In Latest Update

Internet vixen Alexa Dellanos gave fans an eyeful of her bombshell curves in her latest Instagram update, stripping down to a skimpy bikini that perfectly showcased her bodacious body. The 26-year-old served up a seductive showing of her sexy figure as she went for a dip in a pool, sitting on a raised platform in the water with only her feet submerged.

Alexa reclined on her hip, leaning back on one hand as she raised the other one to her head in a flirty pose. She placed her open palm on her golden locks and arched her back to push her buxom assets into focus. Her curvaceous hips and thighs were also copiously displayed in the revealing swimwear, which boasted an insane high cut perfect for flaunting her ample curves.

The two-piece bikini included a sports bra-style top with a super low-cut neckline that exposed her busty cleavage. It featured long drawstrings on the sides and appeared to be pulled up, showing off her tight abs. Meanwhile, the tiny bottoms came up above her hips, accentuating her waist and drawing attention to her hourglass shape. The swimsuit was complete with a revealing low-rise waistline, which dipped well below her bellybutton, baring the model's chiseled tummy.

Alexa looked every inch the siren as she basked in the sunlight with her eyes closed. Her lips were slightly parted in a sultry expression and her cascading tresses tumbled over her shoulder in an unruly fashion. Her swimwear was a light-toned aqua color that mirrored the shade of the water, accentuating her glowing tan. Sunshine illuminated her toned body, casting a natural spotlight on her midriff, face, and décolletage.

The stunner added a Monte Carlo, Monaco geotag to her post, suggesting she was on vacation. She appeared to be at a luxurious resort, with the background showing a set of sumptuous water fountains and ornate columns decorated with amphorae. Lush palm trees towered above her head and a patch of azure sky was visible in the upper side of the frame.

In her caption, Alexa directed her audience to her YouTube channel, where the social media star uploaded a vlog of herself quarantining in France with her boyfriend, graffiti artist Alec Monopoly. Her supporters wasted no time in heading to the platform to check out the clip, taking to the comments section of her Instagram post to leave their feedback.

"Just watched your YT video that jelly fish sting looked sooo painful," one person remarked on her adventures.

"So when is your next video come on your YouTube channel," a second fan wanted to know.

Followers also left gushing messages wherein they complemented Alexa's beauty and curvy physique.

"Wow Beautiful," wrote a third Instagrammer, who added a string of flattering emoji.

"Freaking gorgeous," chimed in another smitten fan.

Shared with her online admirers Monday night, the photo racked up more than 28,800 likes in the first seven hours of posting, along with over 190 comments.