Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cyrus Makes His Move & Chase Seems Suspicious Of Jordan

Jeff Kober plays Cyrus Renault on 'General Hospital'
Nick Agro / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Tuesday, October 20 tease that there are significant developments on the way regarding Cyrus’ desire to build his empire in Port Charles. The mob boss thinks he’s successfully making forward progress on building a stronghold in the town, but he may soon face a couple of obstacles.

As General Hospital viewers know, Brando talked with Sonny and Jason about the offer he received from Cyrus. Jason and Sonny felt some uncertainty about this proposed plan, but it’s moving ahead regardless. Brando hopes to learn essential information about Cyrus’ organization and report it all back to Sonny.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Brando and Cyrus will meet during Tuesday’s show. The sneak peek reveals that Cyrus will ask Brando if he has an answer for him. General Hospital teasers suggest that he will accept the offer to begin working for the mobster, but it remains to be seen if Cyrus will remain oblivious to the mechanic’s true intentions.

Brando is focused on pursuing this potential avenue to destroy Cyrus, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that he might face some challenges. The sneak peek for Tuesday shares that Chase will pay him a visit, and it seems that the detective will be a little suspicious.

Josh Swickard and Briana Henry play Chase and Jordan on 'General Hospital'
  Michael Yada / ABC

Chase will ask why the investigation into him was closed so quickly. While General Hospital viewers know that one of Cyrus’ men tinkered with Jason’s motorcycle to make it crash, Brando was set up to look like the culprit.

Jason, Sonny, and Sam know that he wasn’t responsible, but last week, Jordan insisted that the PCPD still had questions about the accident. General Hospital teasers suggest that Chase will try to push Brando to reveal why these questions suddenly seem to have disappeared.

He surely won’t reveal much to Chase. However, the detective apparently won’t just let this go. He’ll be going behind Jordan’s back, and that could certainly spell trouble for the police commissioner.

It’s not clear yet whether this chat is where Chase does some digging on his own, or whether the chat he has with the mechanic prompts another move. Either way, Jordan’s in big trouble if Chase figures out that she’s been secretly doing Cyrus’ bidding for the past few months.

As the PCPD detective perhaps begins to develop suspicions about Jordan, General Hospital teasers reveal that she will do some digging on Cyrus-related issues as well. Toward the end of the week, she’ll learn something potentially significant about Britt’s connection to the mobster.

Cyrus tends to be quite confident in his abilities to get what he wants. He’s got control of General Hospital and continues to pressure Jordan to do his bidding with the PCPD, so he may let his guard down in the days ahead.

Will Brando’s plan work? Could Chase end up unraveling all of this mob-related chaos? Spoilers hint that shockers are on the way, and General Hospital fans can’t wait to see it all play out.