'The Bachelorette' Star Clare Crawley Explains Why She's Wearing A Diamond Ring On Her 'Wedding' Finger

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley is opening up about the diamond sparkler fans have spotted on her ring finger.

In a new post shared to her Instagram page, the 39-year-old leading lady of the rose-filled reality show was seen flashing a diamond band on the fourth finger of her hand, which is the traditional "wedding ring" finger. In the cute GIF posted to her social media account, Clare opened her mouth in awe as she glanced over at her hand.

In the caption to the post, the Bachelor Nation veteran acknowledged the placement of her ring and explained that her commitment is actually to herself after five go-rounds on ABC dating shows.

Clare told her followers that the ring symbolizes self-love after going through a series of "empty" romantic relationships. She added that it also represents a promise to herself so that she will always love herself unconditionally, no matter what happens in her relationships with men.

In the comments section to the post, many of Clare's followers praised her for her strength and her focus on "girl power." But some wondered if she was giving off mixed signals.

"Love this!" one fan wrote. "Does it confuse people though? I guess it does."

"What does it matter?" Clare replied. "I know what it's for, that's the reason I got it."

Others related to the Sacramento hairstylist's decision to symbolize her self-love with the jewelry.

"I have a similar ring I got myself for a similar purpose - and I still wear it even though I've been with my soul mate for over 2.5 years - because we still belong to ourselves!" one commenter noted.

But others wondered if Clare's ring-wearing was somehow related to her stint on The Bachelorette.

Spoiler sites have reported that Clare fell in love with suitor Dale Moss at first sight, right after he got out of the limo at the La Quinta Resort & Club. It has been teased that she is now engaged to the former football player.

"Or because, Dale," one follower wrote.

"I was really about to say... don't spoil it lmao," another added.

Fans will find out soon enough if Dale -- or anyone -- put a ring on it. Clare did not hide the fact that she was smitten with the handsome athlete as soon as she met him, and teasers for her season of the show tease that she "blows up" The Bachelorette in some way.