Peter Frampton Shares Too-Cute Tale Of Why David Bowie 'Had' To Be His Friend In High School

Peter Frampton has revealed how his long friendship with David Bowie started. In a new interview with CBS This Morning, the 70-year-old singer joked that the late music icon "had" to be his friend when they met decades ago.

In the clip shared to his Instagram page, Frampton detailed how he first met Bowie at Bromley Technical High School in South East London years before they would both become superstars in the 1970s music scene.

Frampton said he was with his father, who was an art teacher at Bromley, when he spotted the future Ziggy Stardust singer at the entrance of the school with a band called the Konrads. He noted that he became intrigued as one kid with "spiky hair" was playing the saxophone and singing rock songs.

Frampton described the teen musician as "charismatic," and he said he looked at his dad and asked him who it was.

"Oh that's Jones, he's in my art form," his father replied.

Frampton then told his father he was inspired to be just like Jones, who would later change his name to David Bowie.

"I said, 'Well I'd like to be him, dad.'"
He added that a year later he began attending the school, and he made a "beeline" for Bowie in the lunchroom.

"We became fast friends," Frampton said.

"And of course he had to be friends with me 'cause his teacher was my dad."
In the comments section to the clip, fans reacted to the too-cute story of what would become one of the greatest rock friendships of all time.

"What a lovely beginning to a very long friendship indeed!" one fan wrote.

"Love hearing your stories Peter," another added.

Other commenters wanted to know more, including details on the first time the two future superstars played music together.

Frampton also addressed his early relationship with Bowie in a recent interview with The Guardian.

"Everything my dad taught, Dave lapped up," he said. "Dad recognized his brilliance in art. And we became friends."

Bowie also had his childhood pal's back years later.

When the Frampton Comes Alive singer's successful carer went off the rails in the early 1980s, his pal Bowie helped get things on track by inviting him to play on his "Glass Spiders World Tour" in 1987. Frampton later credited his longtime pal for saving his career, per Ultimate Classic Rock.

Frampton's fast -- and lasting -- friendship with Bowie will be among the stories detailed in the rocker's upcoming memoir, Do You Feel Like I Do?, which is due out October 20.