‘Dancing With The Stars’ Performers AJ McLean & Cheryl Burke’s Surprising Confessions

They revealed how they are really feeling in an Instagram video clip.

AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke perform on DWTS.
Kelsey McNeal / ABC

They revealed how they are really feeling in an Instagram video clip.

Dancing with the Stars performers AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke made some stunning confessions in a new video clip posted to the show’s Instagram page. After making it through the halfway point of this season’s competition, the pals admitted that they have learned a lot since beginning this journey together. They shared their thoughts with the show’s 1.5 million followers.

AJ and Cheryl spoke in the clip as they sat in what appeared to be a rehearsal room as they worked on a Samba to “Mi Gente” by J Balvin and Willy William. They are now part of an elite group of the 11 remaining pairs who are vying for a mirrorball this season. They also teased their dance for next week’s episode, if they make it through tonight’s elimination.

The couple will dance a Tango, one of the ballroom’s most difficult routines due to its details, including keeping a steady frame, performing intricate footwork, and matching your partner’s moves without stepping on their toes.

AJ admitted that he would not have made it this far in the competition without Cheryl, who replied that their partnership had been 50-50 thus far. He claimed that being a part of the celebrity cast of Dancing with the Stars had been an amazing journey. He admitted that throughout the competition, he had learned so much about himself and Cheryl.

He said his experience had been a crazy ride of all different styles of dance that he had never attempted in his entire life.

AJ joked that he would hopefully use the moves he had learned during his and wife Rochelle’s 10 year wedding anniversary, which will occur in December of 2021. The Backstreet Boys singer explained that physically, he had been holding up well and revealed that in order for his body to stay healthy, Cheryl had suggested he should have some work done on his muscles as well as some chiropractic work to maintain his health.

Cheryl asked her partner how his mental health was and he shared that he was in a great headspace and manifesting positivity. Cheryl congratulated AJ on 10 months of sobriety.

Fans adored the intimate exchange between the partners who have now become fast friends.

“This is such an awesome duo! Team Pretty Messed Up for the mirror ball trophy!!” claimed one follower.

“Congratulations! We are very happy about all this. persistence, strength, focus, and love for you,” wrote a second fan.

“You two are the reason I’m still watching this season. CONGRATS on sobriety!!” remarked a third Instagram user.

“We Got It Goin’ On and you’ve got this! Awesome how far you have come! Voting for you once again this week,” penned a fourth viewer of the show.