Brooke Burke, 49, Stuns In Skintight Shorts & Smacks Her Backside During Intense Booty Workout

Treva Bowdoin

Brooke Burke set the comments section of her latest Instagram upload on fire by giving her 435,000 followers a sneak peek at one of her intense glute workouts.

Brooke, 49, also showed off the impressive results of her booty-blasting exercises by rocking an athletic ensemble that emphasized her toned backside and chiseled thighs. It was a skintight set in a coral color that looked amazing against her glowing, beautifully bronzed skin. Her supportive sports bra had a racerback silhouette, and her bottoms were a pair of high-waisted biker shorts that molded to her derrière like a second skin.

The fitness enthusiast wore her gorgeous chestnut hair down. Her locks were styled in thick curls that added a touch of glam to her otherwise sporty look. Her video was filmed outside on a lush green lawn, where she and two other people sweated it out on exercise mats. In her caption, she described their workout as the "Backyard BOOTY Burn" and encouraged followers to download her fitness app.

The former Dancing with the Stars host stayed on her hands and knees throughout the entirety of the brief clip. She substantially increased the difficulty of her first exercise by nestling a small dumbbell behind her left knee. To demonstrate her strength and coordination, she squeezed it with her leg and performed a complex variation of the basic fire hydrant move. She lifted her left leg out to the side and brought her knee up toward her elbow. Then, she crossed her legs by placing her knee on the opposite side of her right calf. Appearing to lose her balance at this point, she stopped for a bit. She exhaled deeply and laughed.

For the next move, she placed her left elbow and forearm on the ground so that her butt was facing the camera. The dumbbell was now being squeezed by her right leg, and she was pulsing the limb up and down. She smacked her buns of steel a few times as she seemingly felt the burn. Her final exercise was a basic fire hydrant followed by a donkey kick.

"You are in the best shape of your life!" read one message from an admirer.

"You are the Workout Goddess Brooke," another fan commented.

"Still smokin hot!!!!!" gushed a third devotee.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Brooke also thrilled her fans by demonstrating an at-home workout in a steamy video that she filmed for Sports Illustrated.