Sommer Ray Teases Fans In White Knee Socks And Off-The-Shoulder Velour Bodysuit

Sommer Ray arrives at the Premiere Of Disney And Marvel's "Thor: Ragnarok"
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Instagram mega-celebrity Sommer Ray took to her social media page on Sunday evening with a pair flirty snaps that thrilled her 25.5 million followers. The curvy Colorado native flaunted both sides of her tantalizing figure wearing a bodysuit with a provocative design paired with soccer socks that came up to her knees. More than 788,000 users hit the “like” button in the first few hours after the post was uploaded.

Sommer posed standing in front of a plain white backdrop in the shots. A bright studio light illuminated her pale eyes and cast defining highlights along her thick thighs and the soft fabric across her chest. A faint shadow of her frame was visible on the wall behind her.

In the first image, she stood on her toes and placed one foot in front of the other, which emphasized her curvy hips. Her arms were crossed below her chest, as she hugged the sides of her body with open hands. She lifted her chin and gazed at the camera with a confident expression.

Sommer’s leotard was strapless and cut straight across her décolletage to leave both shoulders bare. The delicate lines of her collarbone were decorated with a gold chain pendant, and the luxurious velour outfit was embellished with a pair of sporty white stripes going down the sleeves.

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In the second photo, she dropped her hands, turned her body and put her backside to the camera. She remained balanced on her tiptoes, a pose which highlighted her sculpted calves. Her socks stretched over her toned leg muscles. She stood with her legs apart, her defined quads well on display.

Sommer’s rounded booty looked flawless. The light hit both cheeks, making her derriere impossible to ignore.

She flipped her curly, ombré hair to one side and let the long tendrils frame her face, cascading down over her chest. Her left hand rested alongside her thigh, displaying a collection of silver and gold bands around several of her fingers.

Sommer’s Instagram supporters were eager to express their adoration for the model’s sexy appearance, and flooded her comments section with compliments and affectionate emoji.

“You could crush watermelons w those,” declared one fan, referring to the impressive assets she mentioned in the caption.

“She can crush me w those,” replied a second person.

“bro i’m sayin,” agreed the first follower.

A few weeks ago, as reported by The Inquisitr, Sommer shared a series of sultry images in which the voluptuous model wore a high-waisted turquoise bikini from her eponymous clothing line, paired with a vibrant green silk shirt. She posed in golden light that illuminated her tanned skin.