Alexandra Daddario Does Yoga In Tiny Shorts And Loose-Fitting Pajama Top

Treva Bowdoin

True Detective star Alexandra Daddario showed off a few yoga moves in a black-and-white video that she posted to her Instagram page on Saturday.

In her caption, Alexandra, 34, revealed that she was suffering from jet lag and currently quarantined. In a seeming attempt to combat the negative effects of traveling a long distance to a different time zone, she got a little fresh air and got her body moving. She was filmed on a balcony with a view that included the ocean and at least one palm tree. She wore a pajama set, and she identified the pieces as Knix designs by tagging the intimate apparel brand's Instagram page.

Both garments were crafted out of soft modal fabric, and they featured contrasting piping accents for a crisp, timeless finish. Her shorts had a high hemline that showed off her toned thighs. They also featured a drawstring waist. Her loose-fitting top had short sleeves and a button-up front. Its other classic elements included a small lapel collar and a single chest pocket.

Alexandra left her shoulder-length brunette hair down for her yoga workout. Her thin shorts showed off the curve of her pert derriere as she began with a downward-facing dog pose. She slowly lowered her body so that she was briefly in the plank position. Once she was low enough, she arched her back and thrust her chest out to perform the upward-facing dog pose. She transitioned back to downward dog and bent each knee once before stepping her left leg forward. She pushed her upper body up from the ground and straightened her back. She faced the camera with both arms extended out at her sides to execute the warrior II pose.

The limber actress then lifted her left arm up over her head with her elbow slightly bent. She placed her right hand on her right knee and arched her torso to the side to form the reverse warrior asana.

"Good Form. Keep it up," read one message.

"You're spectacular," another admirer added.

"You might not feel it at the moment, but you are always one hot looking woman," a third fan commented.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Alexandra's fans also enjoyed a video of the actress demonstrating her water aerobics skills in a skimpy bathing suit.