'Devious Maids' Has Eva Longoria's Support, But Critics Not Convinced

Devious Maids has stirred up trouble on Lifetime as many critics are still not convinced by the show. Producer Eva Longoria sees things differently and she believes the story deserves to be told.

The show originally began airing on Sunday, June 23, but it's release immediately received mixed reviews. Most critics believe the show is pushing a Hollywood stereotype that Latino actors can only play specific roles.

No matter what the true concept is, some consider the show to be another way the entertainment industry is telling Latina woman who they are and what they can be. Longoria has since responded to the scrutiny through a blog on the Huffington Post by saying, "I take pride in the fact that these characters are not one dimensional or limited to their job title."

Before the show kicked off, Longoria opened up and explained that an all-Latina cast was very important to her. Devious Maids, in her opinion, is a way to see the life of these women through their own perspective.

"It's the first and only show with an all-Latina leading cast,” Longoria said during a phone interview, according to the San Antonio Express-News. “I'm so excited. Five women from the Latina community! That, to me, was important --- that we're reflected on television."

Throughout each episode you get see the ups and downs of their lives, both in their jobs and personal relationships.

"It's so funny, about this close-knit group of girls, bonded together by their jobs and struggles, divorce and marriage, and employers,” Longoria said. “We get to see life reflected through their eyes ... a perspective we haven't seen on TV."

It's certainly something new for television and it's considerably a breakthrough show. Only time will tell if the public's perception will change, but the critics aren't having it just yet.

Do you think Devious Maids is purposely exploring Latino stereotypes to bring in viewers?