‘Big Brother 22’ Week 11 Spoilers: Power Of Veto Winner Revealed

The Week 11 POV is the most crucial competition in the season thus far.

The final five of Big Brother All-Stars

The Week 11 POV is the most crucial competition in the season thus far.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother All-Stars.

Week 11 in the Big Brother house is moving right along as a Head of Household (HOH) has been crowned, two nominees have been put on the block, and the Power of Veto was granted to one of the last four players. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Enzo Palumbo nabbed the HOH, marking the second time this season he’s held the title. He nominated Christmas Abbott and Nicole Franzel for eviction, keeping his pal Cody Calafiore safe. In any other week, the HOH is the player with the most power in the game, but not in Week 11.

With just four players left battling it out, whoever won the POV would ultimately decide who went home. According to Big Brother Daily on Twitter, that someone was Cody. If Christmas won the POV, she would have pulled herself off the block, which would make Cody the replacement. She would also have gotten the only vote come Thursday and would definitely have sent Cody packing, so his win was absolutely paramount.

If Enzo nabbed the POV, he likely would have kept nominations the same even though Christmas had been pushing him to help get rid of Cody. Nicole likely would have kept nominations the same if she captured the Veto, as she and Cody have a solid final two alliance and would trust him to vote out Christmas over her on Thursday.

Cody Calafiore sits in the Big Brother hosue

Cody was excited about his victory and talked to himself and the cameras shortly after the live feeds popped back on.

“Walking out of this house on finale night guaranteed. Let’s go. Final three back to back. Oh my God, it was a risky risky plan to throw that HoH and make sure Enzo won it. Love when a plan comes together,” he said, as seen on Twitter.

The New Jersey native also gave a shout-out to his ride-or-die Derrick Levessaur from their freshman season.

“Not on the block once all season. Derrick, if it’s safe and okay, be here on finale night. I better see you on finale night, Derrick,” he said, as seen in a tweet.

Now that Cody, Nicole, and Enzo are all silently celebrating that they’re in the final three, each individual is planning who they will take to the end if they win the last and most crucial HOH. Enzo is worried he won’t win against Nicole, so he is sticking to his deal with Cody and will choose him should it come down to it.

Cody is, for now, planning on taking Nicole, who is also planning on taking him.