Corrie Yee Gets Cozy With Her Group Of Bikini-Clad Hotties In Jamaica

Corrie Yee clicks a selfie.
Corrie Yee / Instagram

Instagram model Corrie Yee took to her social media page with a sizzling snap that got pulses racing on Saturday afternoon, to the delight of her 1.1 million followers. The Los Angeles-based beauty geotagged herself and a group of friends at an elegant resort in Negril, a resort town on the south coast of Jamaica.

Editor’s note: The referenced post has been deleted from Instagram.

All five ladies posed in skimpy string bikinis on a giant, cushioned lounge, and were in the shade of what appeared to be one of a series of canvas canopies along the beach. A vertical structural beam holding a pale, gathered curtain rose into the air behind them, creating an interrupted view of the tranquil ocean background.

Corrie sat close to the front of the group, and her pose emphasized her long legs, both of which were extended in front of her. She put her right side to the camera, arched her back, and draped both hands around the front of her right knee, which was slightly bent. The toes on her other foot were pointed.

Corrie’s bathing suit had a cheetah print and featured tiny cups that barely contained her curvaceous breasts. The bottoms tied in bows on either side of her hips. She tipped her chin down and gazed seductively over her sunglasses, which had unframed lenses with a gradient tint. Her long, dark hair was parted off-center and styled straight. It slipped over one shoulder and framed her face.

Sara Natividad was closest to the camera, on Corrie’s right. She sat back on her heels, with her knees spread apart. She playfully tugged on the strap of her bikini bottom and pouted her lips at the camera.

Kayla V sat behind Corrie, on her left. Their bathing suits shared the same pattern. She propped her weight on her left arm and leaned into the frame, her pale catlike eyes visible just above the top of her shades.

Tahlia Paris’ ample assets nearly spilled out of a gold lamé ensemble that left little to the imagination. She also posed on her knees, with her hands relaxed at her sides, and flashed a sweet, natural smile.

Hannah Nicole mirrored Kayla’s pose on the right side of the image. Her thighs were together, the only area that fell in direct sunlight.

Corrie’s fans were thrilled with the post and filled the comments section with compliments almost immediately. Many users also responded to her cheeky caption.

“Okay, I’ll just give all this tequila and pizza to some other beautiful girls,” teased one admirer, adding a winking emoji.

“So Gorgeous,” declared a second person.