Sarah Harris Displays Voluptuous Bust And Thick Thighs In ‘Her Fav Shoot To Date’

Sarah Harris poses for a selfie.
Sarah Harris / Instagram

Curvy Instagram model Sarah Harris apparently lost a button on her shirt in her update on Saturday afternoon, to the delight of her 2.2 million followers. She posted a provocative snap from a recent photo shoot in which the New Zealand native sported a fur hat and red-and-black plaid flannel.

Sarah did not disappoint fans with her cozy attire, however, she busted out of the unbuttoned top, which was paired with only a skimpy pair of black panties. Over 2,000 fans hit the “like” button in the first 45 minutes after the post was uploaded.

Sarah posed outdoors, sitting on the step of a rustic wooden deck. She faced the camera in the medium shot that captured her voluptuous figure down to her thighs, which were spread wide apart. Her legs were slightly offset, with one knee higher than the other.

She brought both hands together in the center of her chest, fingers fumbling with the shirt just beneath her stunning cleavage. Sarah appeared to be holding the two sides together, as she mentioned that the photo was not actually used due to a wardrobe malfunction; she, perhaps unsurprisingly, had popped a button.

The soft flannel fabric was stretched taut over the enticing curves of her breasts, and the two sides seemingly would not have closed together over them had she continued upward.

In contrast, the garment fit loosely around her slender waist. The bottom hem grazed the top of her shapely hips, exposing a pair of alluring creases between her hipbones and upper thighs.

Sarah accessorized with a giant fur-lined cap that framed her striking features. Her blond hair was styled in loose waves beneath the ear flaps and was pulled forward to graze both shoulders.

The deck on which Sarah posed was lined with a dark-stained bamboo railing, above which blurry green leaves were visible. An intricately-carved wooden bench sat behind her.

Sarah’s Instagram supporters were thrilled with the post, and eagerly expressed their affection for the buxom blonde in the comments section.

“Divinely beautiful and perfect,” declared one person.

“Your beauty is spectacular,” remarked another fan.

Last month, Sarah sizzled in an update that showed off her naked booty in bed, as covered by The Inquisitr. She posed on her belly with her arms stretched out in front of her and her ample assets toward the viewer.

A pink instant camera laid on the bed next to her, as well as a tiny photograph of the scene.