Lucy Robson Flaunts Curvy Physique, Says She’s Partial To A ‘Cheeky Bump And Run’

Lucy Robson takes a selfie.
Lucy Robson / Instagram

Pro-golfer and Instagram model Lucy Robson gave her 878,000 social media supporters a thrill with an update on Saturday afternoon. The curvy blonde sported a skimpy mini dress on a golf course and teased fans with her flirty caption. The post racked up over 12,000 likes in the first hour after it was uploaded.

Lucy’s dress was black with narrow white piping along the edges. It featured a halter top and a low scoop neckline that beautifully displayed her decolletage and a hint of cleavage.

Her shapely legs were barely covered by the short hem, leaving plenty of bare thigh exposed.

The snug fit and dark color of the garment against the bright, sunny background emphasized Lucy’s enticing hourglass figure.

She posed standing in the shade of a tree whose green leaves had just begun to change. An expanse of perfectly manicured grass stretched out behind her, and a small pond lined with pine trees was visible in the distance.

Lucy casually clutched an upside-down golf club in the fingers of her left hand, just below her bust, and held the upper end across her body with her right, which was relaxed alongside her thigh.

She turned her head to one side and focused her gaze off-camera. She arched one perfectly groomed brow as a faint smile played on her lips.

Lucy accessorized with a sparkling pendant on a slender chain that draped just past her collarbones, and a simple band around her right ring finger.

Lucy’s Instagram followers loved the post, and had a bevy of entertaining responses to her inquiry in the caption, as well as praise for her appearance.

“Tequila shot,” joked one fan, following the comment with flame and laughing-crying emoji.

“Flop shot, added points if it’s over a bunker or other hazard,” declared a second person, who seemed to know their golf game.

“Anything that goes in the general direction I aimed it is good for me!!” exclaimed a third follower.

“What is you ranking in women’s golf, because you are Number one in looks,” flattered a fourth supporter.

Several weeks ago, Lucy embraced a sexy look while trying on a Halloween costume, as reported by The Inquisitr.

She showed off her thick thighs and plenty of cleavage wearing a pink vinyl teddy paired with glittering butterfly wings. She asked for advice regarding what else she might dress up as. To date, almost 800 responses have been recorded in the comments section.