Natalia Garibotto Flaunts Flawless Physique In Black Bikini

Natalia Garibotto takes a selfie
Natalia Garibotto / Instagram

Natalia Garibotto thrilled her 2.2 million Instagram followers with a new saucy share. In the most recent upload, the Brazilian model rocked a skimpy black two-piece swimsuit and flaunted her ample assets and flawless figure.

In the update, Natalia sported a bandeau bikini top. It was strapless and sat low on her chest, showing off her voluptuous cleavage. The garment had a shirred design and a ribbon detail along the chest area. Notably, the piece only had coverage for her buxom curves, but it was cut so small that her sideboob was seen from certain angles. It was backless with only two parallel straps holding the top together.

The bottoms that the influencer wore were even more revealing. The swimwear had thin straps as its waistband clung high on her waist. It had high leg cuts that helped highlight her curvy hips. It also had a low-cut that exposed plenty of skin around her groin area.

In the first image, Natalia rocked the scanty ensemble in a tropical location. She posed in the middle of the frame, popping her hip to the side. She was tugging at her bathing suit, pulling it up as it appeared to be slipping on her breasts. The model gazed at something that caught her attention out of the frame. Her locks were windswept, and her tanned skin glowed under the bright sunshine.

In the second pic, Natalia stood at a side angle with one knee bent. She raised her arms to her head, running her fingers through her hair. The angle showed a hint of her flawless armpits, and it seemed to excite some viewers. This time, she looked at the lens and offered a sultry gaze.

Her background revealed that the location was situated in a open area. The infinity pool offered amazing views of the sky and some lush greenery.

The bombshell wore her blond hair down, letting its long strands hang over her left shoulder and down her back. She sported two layers of necklaces and a bangle. For the occasion, her nails were painted with a bright shade of red polish.

In the caption, Natalia wrote about her decision to post unfiltered snapshots. She also shared that her bikini was from Fashion Nova, tagging the brand in the post.

The new upload racked up over 18,300 likes and more than 400 comments in less than a day. Hundreds of avid fans took to the comments section to shower her with compliments. A lot of them expressed their admiration for her beautiful facial features and body.

“The most amazing person in the world!” a fan wrote.

“No idea when or how I followed, but my oh my, I’m glad I’ve done so,” added another follower.