Vicky Aisha Is A Halloween Bombshell In Sultry Instagram Post: 'Drop Your Best Skeleton Jokes'

Vicky Aisha has Halloween down pat. The Australian model demonstrated her love for the spooky and the eerie in an eye-popping Instagram post shared with her eager fans Friday, October 16, heating up her page with her sizzling curves. The blond beauty looked like a total bombshell in sexy black leather lingerie, rocking bat-shaped garters and thigh-high fishnet stockings to boot.

The provocative outfit did nothing but favors for her curvaceous figure, emphasizing her voluptuous hips and thighs as well as her generous bust. It included a zip-up bralette that was slightly undone, exposing a massive amount of cleavage. The item perfectly harmonized with her underboob tattoo, which appeared as dainty fringes dangling from the bottom of the skimpy top. Vicky gave followers a preview of the saucy bralette in a steamy post shared last week, which focused exclusively on her shapely chest.

On her lower half, the 28-year-old wore high-cut bottoms that stretched above her hip bones and accentuated her waist. The underwear had a wide waistband that rose just below her bellybutton, showing off her tummy. Her curvy hips were perfectly framed by the wide sides of her panties and the narrow garters, which had metal clips in the front holding up her thigh-highs.

Vicky flaunted her hourglass silhouette as she struck a pinup-inspired pose. She cocked her hip and put one leg in front of the other, slightly raising her knee. She tucked one hand behind her head, all the while staring into the camera with a seductive gaze and enticing parted lips. Her long, blond tresses were styled in tousled waves that tumbled over her shoulders and down the sides of her bosom, nearly covering the thick straps of her bralette. The sultry pose also left her sleeve tattoos on display and showed off the ink on her hip and thigh.

The Aussie hottie set up a ghostly atmosphere for the shot, posing in a foggy green-lit room. Snapped against a black backdrop, she was standing next to a life-size skeleton decoration, which was seated on a black chair draped with a gauzy, spiderweb-like fabric.

In her caption, Vicky asked fans to comment with their best skeleton-related jokes, giving the cue herself by saying she was "bone dry." As usual, her followers did not disappoint, lighting up the comments section with Halloween-themed humor.

"Why did the skeleton go to the party alone? Because he [had] no body to go with," penned one Instagrammer.

"A skeleton walks into a bar and orders a beer and a mop," wrote a second follower.

"Hopefully I can tickle your ribs with these bone puns. Cause its going tibia good time," chimed in a third devotee.

While many of her online admirers were more than happy to heed Vicky's request, some seemed bewitched by her incredible curves, taking to the comments solely to compliment the model. One person found her look "spooky but so sexy," while another quipped that the photoshoot was "bone rattling."

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Vicky gave fans a back view of her lingerie in a post shared a day before, wherein she straddled the chair, flaunting her ample posterior.