Kelly Clarkson Reveals The ‘Illegal’ Thing She Did After Being Mistaken For Carrie Underwood

Kelly had an awkward encounter with a Carrie fan.

Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Undewood attend the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards
Rich Fury / Getty Images

Kelly had an awkward encounter with a Carrie fan.

Kelly Clarkson recently revealed the borderline illegal thing she did after a fan mistook her for Carrie Underwood. Kelly hilariously recalled the awkward moment on her eponymous talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, this week, and admitted she felt really bad for pretending to be the “Before He Cheats” singer.

Kelly reminisced while playing a game of “I’m Awesome At Being Awkward” with Michelle Buteau and Cheryl Hines on the October 16 episode, during which they had to explain what they would do in awkward situations. Michelle appeared via video link while Cheryl was in the studio, keeping a safe distance from the host.

“This girl came up to me and was like, ‘Oh my god, your song ‘So Small’ is one of my favorites,'” Kelly said, per Entertainment Tonight, which can be seen in the Instagram video below.

Kelly sported an eye patch in the clip because she injured herself while filming The Voice.

“And I kept thinking, ‘I don’t have a song ‘So Small.’ And then she said another song and I was like, ‘Oh, you think I’m Carrie Underwood,'” she laughed, referring to Carrie’s 2007 hit.

“I literally look nothing like Carrie,” she continued as she gestured at her body and giggled. “I was so embarrassed for her that I just… She was like, ‘Can you sign this?’ And I totally signed ‘Carrie Underwood.’ I think that might be illegal!”

Cheryl revealed that she’d been mistaken for Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen and Michelle explained that fans thought she was Kim Coles or Raven-Symoné.

Plenty of fans loved Kelly’s anecdote and shared their thoughts in the comments.

“HAHAHAHAHHA I love everything about Kelly,” one person wrote.

“This is hilarious,” another said with a sideways crying laughing emoji and a heart.

“I think my favorite part of this story is that Kelly Signed @carrieunderwood,” another joked.

Kelly previously opened up about being mistaken for her fellow mom of two a year ago on her NBC talk show and admitted she doesn’t understand how people still get them confused. She again recalled how the person said they were a fan of “So Small” and joked she took it as a compliment because she was “100 pounds heavier” than the “Something In The Water” singer.

The two may not look alike, but they do have a few things in common. Kelly was the first-ever winner of American Idol in 2002, while Carrie won Season 4 in 2005. Both are two of the biggest stars in the music world, host award shows, and are moms to two children.