August 23, 2017
Swimming Baby Video Stirring Up Controversy

The viral video of a 16-month old swimming baby, while amazing, has stirred up quite the controversy.

Adam Christensen, the baby’s father, posted the video of his daughter, Elizabeth, online, and it has been viewed roughly 937,408 times since being posted on August 28, 2012.

Christensen posted the following alongside the video:

“Just so everyone knows, I am a registered nurse and my wife was a life guard for six years and taught swimming for three.

“Not only are we both professionally trained in CPR and water safety I am certified in advanced pediatric life support. The child in the video (Elizabeth) has been trained properly by ISR certified instructors.”

Whil many are in awe of this little girl, there are many who are very worried about a child so young being left in a pool alone to her own devices. Some are even questioning why a parent would allow something like this.

Christensen told CNN,

"When I first watched her in there, every time she went face down I was like 'oh my goodness, she can't breathe.' I was just worried to death, but the instructor assured us that she was just fine.”

Christensen also posted alongside the video the following:

“At no point do we force our child to do anything she is unwilling to try. We are able to recognize infant/toddler fatigue in the swimming pool.

“Elizabeth is a very determined little girl and sometimes she wants to roll over and breath as she was taught and sometimes she wants to hold her breath the whole way. I was 100% prepared to jump in at first sign of distress.”

There are many videos of young babies who have the knowledge and ability to swim on their own, and Christensen, like any worried parent, states that safety is key:

“Teach your child how to swim because it only takes a moment for them to slip under and drown. Sometimes the difference between life and death can be six inches of water and their ability to flip over on their back and take a breath.”

View the video below to see little Elizabeth in action, and share your opinions about the swimming baby controversy.