Paige Spiranac Sizzles With An ‘Uncomfortable’ Showing Of Skin At The Driving Range

Paige Spiranac poses at the Omega Dubai Moonlight Classic in 2019.
Tom Dulat / Getty Images

Golfer, model and social media influencer Paige Spiranac is no stranger to showing a sizable amount of skin on her popular Instagram feed. However, with her post on Friday, October 16, the self-proclaimed “OG insta golf girl” took things to a whole new level in a sexy video that showed her taking a swing at a driving range while sporting a plunging top.

Spiranac lamented the fact that such a large portion of her ample bosom had been put on display in the post’s caption, stating that she had shown an “uncomfortable” amount of skin. She further confessed that after taking just one swing in the revealing garment, she quickly covered her perky assets with a jacket.

Nevertheless, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit alum and Golf Magazine columnist shared footage of her fashion faux pas with her 2.8 million followers, prompting a bevy of impassioned replies in the comments section.

“How is it possible that nothing popped out?” wondered one fan. “Science is amazing.”

“I was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction,” mused a second smitten commenter.

“Looking good young lady!” added another admirer.

“Wore it long enough to post,” joked a fourth follower, to which Spiranac replied, “all for the gram.”

As Spiranac’s clip began, she jostled her club about by its grip with her right hand while surveying the range before her. After a few seconds, she grasped the club with her off hand, turned her attention to the ball that rested on the green turf below her and hunched down as she prepared to strike.

In doing so, she presented a considerable amount of cleavage to the camera, as her substantial bust tested the plunging neckline of her top. Although the pea-green garment was long-sleeved, it lacked in multiple other areas. As she completed her swing with textbook form, it was revealed that much of her back and part of her midriff was also visible.

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old’s lengthy golden blond hair was parted down the middle and pulled back behind her head, where its ends were allowed to flow out over her right shoulder. She completed the look with a skintight pair of black leggings and a pair of white gym shoes.

Spiranac’s latest offering was racking up the clicks as of this writing, notching almost 250,000 views in a little over an hour.

Earlier this month, the model and social media star flaunted her booty as well as her cleavage in an update that featured her sporting another skintight outfit while holding a golf club.