Katya Elise Henry Flaunts Big Hair And Booty In Lace-Trimmed Lingerie

Katya Elise Henry takes a selfie
Katya Elise Henry / Instagram

Fitness model Katya Elise Henry delighted her 7.8 million Instagram followers on Friday evening with a booty-baring update in which she wore her long hair in big, tousled curls that spilled halfway down her back.

The curvy beauty occasionally wears her dark mane in its natural wavy state, but most social media posts show her with a sleek, straight hairstyle. In her athletic shots, her hair is frequently pulled back.

Fans loved Katya’s look, and almost 67,000 of them hit the like button in the first hour after the pics were posted.

She wore a two-piece camisole and booty shorts set featuring pale blue satin trimmed in wide, ivory lace.

The top was cut square across the front, with a faint waved detail in the hem that mirrored the curves of her breasts. The hem was overlaid with a piece of floral lace with eyelash edging, which connected to the slender satin straps that ran over her shoulders.

The back of the garment had the exact same design, only it draped much lower to expose lots of bare skin. The lower half of the satin flared slightly over Katya’s shapely hips and ended evenly with the bottom of her tiny shorts.

The shorts had a cheeky cut that created the impression of a heart shape in the center of her derriere, and they were embellished around the legs with the same delicate detailing as the camisole.

Katya posed for the first close-up image with her famous booty facing the camera. The photographer was very near and slightly below her to take the snap, which accentuated the enticingly rounded shape of her assets.

She turned her head to gaze down over her right shoulder, and her face was framed by a few long tendrils that covered one eye.

In the second photo, Katya faced the camera head-on. She tilted her head to one side and flashed a wide, natural smile at the camera, pulling her hair to one side to let it cascade over her shoulder.

Katya’s Instagram supporters eagerly expressed their affection for the brunette bombshell, flooding the comments section with praise for the post.

“How u do your hair like that? it’s so pretty,” inquired one fan.

“Love to see this first thing in the morning…Damn,” mused a second person.

“Sometimes a booty pic is just what you need,” declared a third follower.

“You have such a cute smile,” complimented a fourth fan, adding a matching smiling emoji emphasize the words.