Instagram Model Caroline O'Mahony Flaunts Cleavage & Rock-Hard Abs In A Tiny Pink Top For Latest Update

Brandon Bombay

Fitness model Caroline O'Mahony showcased her stunning physique in a revealing outfit for her latest Instagram update. In the snap, she was photographed in a tiny sports bra that embellished her cleavage and skintight leggings that flaunted her curves.

The Irish bombshell is known for spending a lot of her time at the gym, and in this photo, she showed off her gains after an intense week of working out. She took a selfie in front of a large mirror as she stood between several weight machines. There was a charcoal-colored brick wall in the background that contrasted against her wardrobe.

The 22-year-old stood on a patch of hardwood flooring and turned her body slightly to the side. She kept her left leg straight and placed her right foot up on a metal bar in front of her. O'Mahony held the phone in her right hand and gripped a barbell next to her with her left hand. The popular YouTuber had her long dark hair up in a ponytail, and she tilted her head and flashed a smile while snapping the pic.

For the caption, O'Mahony mentioned finishing off her week at the gym with a leg day and detailed her relaxing weekend plans. She added a swirling hearts emoji along with several hashtags including "#glutes" and "#legday" before uploading the snap on Friday.

Many of the model's 695,000 Instagram followers flocked to the spicy selfie, and more than 13,500 made their way to the like button in just over seven hours after it went live. O'Mahony had over 70 comments in that time, and her replies were littered with flex and fire emoji. Fans filled the comments section with compliments about her jaw-dropping physique.

"Your ratios are on pointttt," one follower responded.

"Nothing like starting a weekend with a good leg day!" another added.

"Looking so good gal," a fan wrote while adding a double-heart emoji.

"Always insane," another follower commented.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier in the week O'Mahony showcased her curvy figure in a white bra with a mesh panel and matching underwear.